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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

We celebrated Halloween a couple days early, and did a great job of it.  Halloween Dinner Party Menu:

Grilled Bat, 
Mashed Ghost, 
Toad stools, 
Candy Corn,
Caesar salad, and 
Ghost poop for a snack. 

Now... my very cute family:  

What are you doing on Halloween?

I'm wearing mud and tiling my floor. 

XO Karlene


  1. OMG, Karlene, these pictures are fabulous. That one of Carter---I laughed out loud. It is soooo precious. They're all great. What fun!!

    1. Yes... but the pictures I really want to see are mamma and papa skunks. I'll get some and update.

  2. Awesome pictures! I dressed my dog up in a Harley-Davidson t-shirt tonight. She looked like a real biker babe! And we had 6 kids knocking on the door "trick-or-treating" which is a nice little tradition!

  3. The grandkids look fantastic! I love their costumes, too cute. And your decorations are excellent. Me, I'm working in hell for Halloween. Seriously.

  4. Ghost poop for snack - LMAO! Brilliant, Karlene! I love these photos they are fantabulous and the last photo looks like Biscuit dressed as a skunk. I hope you all had a great Halloween dinner!!


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