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Monday, October 8, 2012

Perspective in Paradise

"What are you going to do with your one and only life?"
Movie: We won't give up

I am on the big Island of Hawaii participating in yoga re-retreat at Kalani. Why am I here? Sometimes by separating from our normal every-day life to rejuvenate, relax and find balance we can continue on... rested and stronger than ever... to take on the world. And somewhere within this inspiration a journey unfolds. 

What I found on my journey getting here:

People helping people. 

The first flight was filled with the discussion about mental health with pilots, and the strength to have the confidence to speak out for what is right. I had the great opportunity to share the flight to HNL with an ALPA CIRP leader. (Critical Incident Response Program) His passion: save pilots from self-harm. The question is... "How do we de-stress our flight crews?" The answer begins to unfold.

Then another crew not only shared their van with me, but all three purchased a copy of Flight For Control, discussing the issues of mental health and the breaking point with pilots. When I told them where I was headed, one pilot said, "Women go to retreats, men drink." There is a lot of truth in that statement... and more to come with that. 

The next crew, who carried me between Islands, reminded me of the beauty and power of flying. If you are a pilot, and want to build experience that will carry you for a lifetime, get a job flying between the Hawaiian Islands. We discussed the future of aviation, and they too wondered if pilots will learn the basic skills with the computer generated airplanes to be able to fly when they break. 

And then a young lady, who volunteered to picked me up from the airport and drive me to my final destination, shared a bit of her story. 29-years-old, depressed, and sinking deeper... until she came to Kalani to work. She found clarity and positive mental health. Which brought me full circle. 

When life takes a hold of you, 
step back from it and gain perspective. 

Pilots, and anyone suffering from depression Kalani is a perfect place to find yourself to regain perspective. And a really inexpensive way to do it too. 


Kalani is a great place to step back and breathe. This non-profit organization, has a bit of everything. Pamper yourself with a massage, lay by the pool (clothing optional), sit on the shore and meditate. Everything is open-air. No-Air Conditioning. Minimal phone coverage. But they do have internet.

You can partake in any events you want, or sit quietly and enjoy the solitude. Today at 0700 is my first Yoga class, and I'll have another at noon. I am sure I will find a massage, or two, during my stay. And I will be editing Flight For Safety. What's most special about Kalani is that you can come for a month, three months, six months... for a very reasonable fee, by supporting Kalani as a volunteer.

This all-inclusive, non-profit organization will charge you less than most people spend on food, coffee, and gas in a day. You work for four hours per day. The rest of the time is yours to do what you please. 


For all you professionals, teens, house-wives, retirees...etc., who are faced with challenging times and need a break from reality... I  recommend this bit of paradise. Roll up your sleeves, and enjoy giving back by volunteering at Kalani, and find your serenity.

Kalani: Heaven on Earth

Life is good. Enjoy this journey. 

XO Karlene


  1. LOL. I knew you were going to the yoga retreat...I just forgot when! Wake life and a beautiful sunrise!

    1. Thank you Kathy! It was gorgeous. Waking up. It's time for the world.

  2. Caught in the time warp-- Hawaii and France are how many time zones apart? This looks so fantastic, Karlene, I hope you're having a wonderful day of yoga and relaxation. A time to rejuvenate! I'd never heard of Kalani or their excellent system of volunteering. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for your comment Linda. I hope that you are enjoying Paris. I'm thinking we should do a writers retreat here. It could be fun. Creativity flows.

  3. Looks like a wonderful place Karlene! Enjoy! The Hawaiian islands are truly amazing, unlike anywhere else I've been.

    1. Thank you. And each Island I learn so much more. Beautiful.


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