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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Kitchen Demo Remodel Project

How does a person get their kitchen complete when they spend too many days out of town? It's a challenge. I've had little windows of opportunity and the previous two days, I learned that my refrigerator had been dropped, and needed to be returned. My bar stools were missing their nuts and bolts and they ended up too short, and needed to be returned. And Sherwin Williams mixed the wrong color paint, and I painted it on my walls hoping it would dry closer to the ceiling, but it was orange. And the speakers are lopsided. The left is higher than the right.


I'm in Miami now and will return Sunday night for the Halloween extravaganza. Before I left, I exchanged my refrigerator for a non-dented version. Returned bar stools and ordered 3 super cool bar stools  on line. Returned the remainder of orange paint, and went to a different paint store and started all over with a totally different color (and primer).

I'm hoping that my upper cabinets went up yesterday, and when I get home I'll be good to go on my part of the duties....

Prime walls.
Paint walls.
Stain Cabinets and windows frames.
Tile Island and counters.
Tile floor.
Brick side of Island.
Seal all stone.

Busy week ahead, but I can get it all done! And edit Flight For Safety. Page 119 on the second go through.


  1. Karlene, your kitchen will look absolutely beautiful. Great job doing all those things simultaneously! Multi tasking at its best :) Have a great week, I'm heading to NYC in the end of it (Saturday, Nov 3)

    1. Thank you Cecilie! It's going to be so cool when it's all done. I will see you in NYC on the 9th. I would go early...but, I might be busy in the kitchen. :)

  2. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about the remodelling headaches, especially when you have so little time at home. It is starting to come together though and I can tell it's going to look amazing.

    1. I think headaches go with the projects. And they're all good. You and Ed will have to come and see it in person!! :) And soon you'll have your own moving headaches, and know how good this kind of pain really is. So glad you sold your house!!!

  3. Karlene, what it takes to get to the finished product is frustrating but wait until reaches that stage.. It will be so worth it. Just think... Turkey day.. Ok.. I am off to enjoy more of the storm. Take care and see you soon!!

    1. Yes, it will be so worth it! And, my goal is to get it done before I come to N.Y. So... fingers crossed! :) Be safe in that storm out there. See you soon.


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