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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Impressive Aviation Photos

Today is The History of Tomorrow

Thank you Andrea, and the Northwest Ninety-Nines
for these great photos!

Flight For Control Trivia:

What significant event occurred today, October 4th, 

Life is a Journey...


XO Karlene


  1. Nice photos.....they make me wanna FLY...

  2. Awesome shots! Thanks for sharing! After having witnessed a space shuttle launch, Discovery lifting off from Titusville, FL, I have become a lot more interested in the space shuttle program. (sad now that it is over) I think a visit to Intrepid Sea, Air and Space museum is a must for November, don't you think? They now have the space shuttle Enterprise on display too!

    1. I think we should definitely put that on our to-do list! So sad the program is shut down for sure. :(

  3. I love these photos, Karlene. LAX at its best! I really want to go back to LAX, however, I have a feeling my next west coast visit will be Seattle and Vancouver. I am due for another 777 ride. And no better way than with Cathay on the -300ER. I want to say that October 4th was Bill and Kat's anniversary and/or the date he safely water landed the 757. One of those moments where I should flat out know the answer but I am shamefully guessing...

    1. Lol... Good guess! It was one of those. ;) Yes... Seattle visit for sure!


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