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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Plane Crazy Schedule!

Last weekend I had a great time at the Arlington Fly-In. Moving planes and taking fun photos. 


 Day one... sunshine. 
Day two... thunderstorms. Lightening and rain.

Then the Museum of Flight... Flight For Control talk.

My friend Josef took a great journey, starting at 3 a.m., to join me. 
Thank you Josef... and for the pictures, and my surprise, too!

 There is a reason my shirt is out and tie hanging on my pocket. :) 

 What's next?

 A plane crazy schedule....

Warning... Do not operate machinery while reading this schedule. Might cause exhaustion.

     17: Staining cabinet, and WNBA meeting
     18: Dinner with writer friends! :)
19-22: Austin for a 1 year-old birthday party.
23-29: Oshkosh
      31: Dentist. 
(30-2nd will be spent studying)

   3-5: Minneapolis/Recurrent Training
      7: Concrete WA  
      8: FAA physical.
 9-12: Austin/babysitting
15-25: Portland, Amsterdam, Minneapolis, Paris... trip.
     26: Depart for Cyprus .......

.....  5: return from Cyprus

While I'm away, I will have my friend, alias great contractor, ripping out and rebuilding my kitchen to accommodate my growing family. Upon return, I will tile my kitchen floor, counter and build a fireplace.

Oh... and Flight For Safety? I have to wait until after recurrent to continue. Plane comes first.

What are you doing to keep busy?

Enjoy the Journey! 
XOX Karlene


  1. Hey Karlene,
    Isn't that pretty normal for you though? :-)
    I was at AWO on Saturday, you must have speeded down the ramp past me on that VIP scooter thingy you were riding!


    1. Lol. I was speeding past you. I was the one wearing shorts because I didn't have any other clothes. I thought we were having sunshine the entire weekend. Hope you're doing well. Will catch up with you in this crazy schedule. I have a project for you. :)

  2. Busy, busy busy....

    Hope your airshow was better than our reunion of PoF East staff at Flying Cloud Airport Air Expo...had a Mig-21 overshoot the end of the runway and parallel park on the county road. Pilot OK, but the Mig is a write-off...

    My schedule is easy, watch the Berners, CDG, Berners, Captain's House in MT for 14 days.

    Stay focused.

    Tim 8DME_W_ORD

    1. Oh... that must have been a sight. I'm glad the pilot was okay. You know... the power of focus while in a plane for me is easy. I just leave the world behind.

      So... when will you be CDG? I'll be there on the 23rd.

    2. Pond jump tomorrow....(yawn) Wave at you on the return.

      Ahhh, funny how things like a car, a "Captain's house", a lawn gets so very tiny at FL 350 yet some DO drag it all with them in the flight case.

      The way I see it K, can't do anything about anything other than fly at why "add the drag...."

      Tim 8DME_W_ORD

    3. No yawning on the pond jump!

      Yes... that is my attitude. Leave the baggage behind, it's weight we just don't need.

      Have a great flight!

  3. Indeed a very busy schedule for you. Mine will be working, flying, and promoting. And of course staying out of trouble. I might do some traveling (perhaps GRR) if time and money permit. And then of course, looking forward to the fall.....

    1. Yes... looking forward to the fall. Oh... I forgot to add staying out of trouble to my list. ;) I'll work on that.

    2. LOL... so hard to stay out of trouble that's why I always have it as a reminder on my schedule..

  4. First of all... I laughed at the photo of you next to a flamingo car (funny theme for a car). Secondly, wooow! You have a jammed schedule! But yes, plane comes first, we are all plane lovers and flying is always the best part (most times). Fireplaces are lovely. And thirdly, what I'm doing to maintain me busy? On my case is not me, is my school... But my physical exercises schedule are helping me a lot! Oh... And you shot great photos, Karlene! ;)

    1. Yes... exercise is essential for the busy schedule. And... sleep! Which it's time now.
      I'll take a photo of the new kitchen when done. Oh...must take a photo of the old first.
      Keep busy with school!


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