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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Life Is a BEECH...

... And then you Fly!

Another aircraft company lasts through the generations...


Walter H. Beech, 1891-1951, pilot and the President of Beech Aircraft Corporation, stands to the left of Brice H. Goldsborough, of the Pioneer Instrument Corp. They not only demonstrated the practicability of "blind flight" but they won the 1926 Ford Reliability Tour: 1926


Walter Herschel Beech, 1891-1951, and Olive Ann Beech, 1903-1993, viewing World War II aircraft production lines at the Beechcraft Plant I in Wichita, Kansas. Between 1940 and 1945.

From Then to Now

King Air part of the Beechcraft family 

Have you ever flown a beechcraft? What's your favorite plane?

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene

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  1. Beech bonanzas and beech barons for most of my commercial flight training! Love this company :) make such sexy planes haha!

    1. And... we know it's important to fly a sexy plane. Seriously! Thanks for the comment!

  2. And the sad part of all this, is that Beechcraft was just sold to a chinese company because it's parent company Raytheon is bankrupt.

    I always loved the Beech products. I've flown numerous but my favorites are the Baron 55 and the Beech 99. Both are great airplanes.

    1. Oh... so sad on the sale. I didn't know Raytheon filed bankruptcy. Beech in China? Just doesn't feel right.

    2. They did an entire TV series on this China Beech topic

    3. Lol... that's funny. And you're a comedian too. Nice.

  3. I flew the Beech C90 with 725 shp PT6 engines, I loved every second of it.
    I now fly the 737NG with is a very nice aircraft to fly as well but it can't compete with the Kingair's manual abilities.
    Cruise was almost 300 kts TAS with the 725 shp engines on the C90, easily over 2000 ft/min rate with 2 pilots, 4 pax and their bags, and a broken autopilot which meant the PF had to do it all manually. How about that for a lifestyle? :)
    I have a few pictures and posts on blog if interested ( ).

    1. So nice to compare the 737 with a Kingair... and can't compete? That speaks volumes because the 737 is a great plane.
      I'm thinking... that sounds like a great lifestyle. 2 pilots and 4 passengers...does it get better than that? :)
      Thanks for the comment and ... love your blog! Very Nice!

  4. Hey K, you do know that Hawker-Beechcraft is in bankruptcy?

    Well, my list of Beech would be Any King Airs Flown the E-90/C90/B-200/B-19/B-23/A-33/A-36 and I sat in a B-18.

    Favorite Beech has to be the B200. Fav plane the B727.

    Of course that is like asking a parent what is their fav child. Easier to ask which one gives the most headaches....

    Tim 8DME_W_ORD

    1. Oh... that's funny. And so true! It's impossible to name that favorite kid...but each had their own challenges. Quirks. Performance. And ability to suck more money that the others.

      Yes...just heard of the bankruptcy, and that they were just sold to China. So sad.
      Okay... I loved the 727... but seriously, more than I think of it, I might have to pick the 747-400. She really is sweet.

    2. Geesche, a 744? How many landings does a FO get in THAT?

      Now the 727 was a plane that pilots flew, with no real bad habits (ok, that deep Stall thing was a bear but besides that killer trait what is not to love?). And that wing that seem to come apart in a dozen panels when dropping into Boezman.

      Sorry thought you were asking about planes that the pilots actually flew routinely.

      If you really liked the the B-19 Beech Sport-handled about the same-roll rate timed with the hour-hand but you did sit HIGH (for a fixed gear single).

      (Loved the China Beech reference)

      Tim 8DME_W_ORD (Actually CDG bound)

    3. Answer: 6~ But that was on O.E. After that? 2 per year. lol.

      Okay... I'm thinking a B-19. But then, I really wouldn't mind having my own little 727. She was a sport. The good old days.

  5. I've owned two - a Beech C23 Sundowner, and my current baby, a V35A (V-tail) Bonanza. The Sundowner - nice and solid, a great instrument trainer. Love the doors on both sides. The Bonanza, a fast, sexy, economical cross-country machine (165 kts TAS on 12/gall/hr, or about 17 mpg at 195 mph).

    1. How much weight can that fast sexy Bonanza carry? I think I need a sexy plane. :)

  6. Total payload is 1,300 lbs, give or take. Mine has the simple 2 large tank system, 80 gallons (some have as many as 6 smaller tanks). I can carry fuel tanks with 2 adults at about 180lbs each in the front, 2 teenage girls about 110 lbs ea, and 80 lbs of baggage in back (the real limit in a V-tail Bo is the rear CG, not payload). The A36 Bonanza has about the same payload, but can actually reach it (they moved the wing 10 inches back).

    It is fast AND sexy, and depending on its age, not any more expensive than a Cessna 172 or PA 28. Mine is a 1968 model V35A.

    1. Oh... this is so good to know! Now you have me thinking. :)


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