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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pilot Shortage

By Gosh... I am in OSHKOSH!  It's taken me a long time to make the journey...but I'm here.  Women Soar. Women in Aviation. Women of Aviation. 99's. And so many airplanes! And I'm also looking forward to meeting some special people from MOM~ Medicine on the Move. I've waited a long time to meet these people in person. 

For today... I would like to share with you the information on the pending pilot shortage. How many pilots will be needed worldwide through 2025?

Captain Yaw says....

"Clearly a massive growth in affordable entry level aviation is the only viable key to begin to address the problem presented in any practical manner.... a solution that is based on fuel efficient, environmentally friendly power plants and airframes that are locally maintainable in some of the toughest parts of the planet seems like a good start to me, especially looking at the areas of growth potential! (personally, I recommend a Zenith airframe with a Rotax engine!)

Unless we inspire the youth of today, from all backgrounds, there will not be enough interest to fuel the expected growth, which would escalate salaries, creating a shortfall in the growth curve.  Action is needed TODAY to ensure that all young people are exposed to the industry - and that we all work towards a GA friendly solution - if not, airlines will push boundaries and safety will be compromised.

NOTE: if there are that many more aircraft in the skies, then ATC and allied services will also be affected - this requires a positive action to make all young people aware of the reality of aviation - not the glamour - and it requires that the people with braid on their shoulders acknowledge and embrace the ATC, mechanics, engineers, cleaners, ramp workers, etc fully.

We are proud to be on the front lines - and to be at Oshkosh 2012 to tell people what we are doing in Ghana - and how the girls of rural Africa are changing the way aviation is viewed in some of the most unlikely places!"  

More to come on the adventure throughout the week. 

But for day one... AT&T doesn't work at the house we're staying in.  So no phone calls for me, at least away from the airport. But I do have Wifi. My purse strap broke. My camera case broke.  But the car didn't break and we had a safe drive. Tomorrow will be here way too soon. 

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene


  1. Karlene, despite the downfalls of your purse, camera strap, and no AT&T, I'm glad you made it safe. Improving the industry is a must in all aspects as its the only way to attract the next generation of aviators, may they all be skilled and serious pilots. I am excited that you will be meeting the people that you have been longing to meet. Very exciting. I truly wish I was there especially since I have a few vacation days on my time sheet. A certain Go-Go's song is coming to mind..... Anyway, please keep us posted with lots of photos! ~j

    1. Hi Jeremy... absolutely! I will keep you posted. You know, the little things in life will always happen, albeit sometimes irritating, it's the big things that matter. You should be here! Have a great day. Excitement coming tonight!

  2. Thank you Karlene for being so supportive - I know that the girls are so looking forward to meeting you! See you later!

  3. Someday I will get there, flying my Bonanza in from Dallas, once I work out the logistics. Perhaps by then, yours will parked next to mine!


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