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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

These Are the Good Old Days...

Last night I attended a night of Aviation History.... And I was one of the guests. You know you're getting old when you're part of history. Note to self: We are all making history every day... live it.

Standing between the greats...

Jean NWA Flight Attendant for 40 years!
Betty (93 yrs old) First United Flight Attendant!

John McEvoy put on a Great event! We heard stories from the ladies about the good old days when all this glamor started in the back of the plane. From cleaning up "burp cups" to flying for 7 hours from Seattle to Chicago. Dining with Clark Gable, and mandatory dismissal when you turned 35. You couldn't be married. There were height limits. White gloves had to be warn when they left the plane, and high heels were on the end of those weight restricted legs.

Then I talked about my journey through all my airlines, which was followed by a book signing for Flight For Control.

We had a great night. And so many wonderful people took home a novel. 

 We all miss NWA

Tomorrow... more Aviation History....

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene 


  1. NWA sounds like it was a truly great company to be part of from everything I've heard. Glad you had aug a great celebration and got to share your book. Wait . . . CLARK GABLE??

    1. Thanks Linda. You know... while I was there many complained. Then it went away, and they all wanted it back. Maybe a lesson for all of us to enjoy what we have. It doesn't last forever.

  2. Another great one, Karlene and thanks. I loved the poster (top pic) but I'm not sure that I know what a "Boeing DC3 Flight Attendant" might be. Last I heard, the DC3 was a Douglas product, not one from Mr. Beeing's shop. Still, I;m sure that it was great fun an dyes, big salutes to Jean and Betty. I'll bet that at least one of them is (or was) a Registered Nurse.

    1. Oh, that's funny. I hadn't noticed he wrote that. But, Boeing did buy McDonnell Douglas. So maybe he was putting a shout in for Boeing since now they technically own it? I'm reaching.
      But it was fun. I got to meet a lot of people that knew the same people. Small world aviation is.


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