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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cessna.... a bit of History

 Cessna 172

I've got a warm spot in my heart for Cessna. Like many of us, these were the planes we learned to fly in. Usually the 152. The leg room wasn't much, and with a 34 inch inseam, I quickly moved to the 172 for comfort. The the 182RG came into my life. My multi-engine rating was in a Cessna 310. 

Cessna 310

Cessna has come a long way....
Thanks to Clyde Vernon Cessna, 1879-1954, founder of Cessna Aircraft Company of Wichita, Kansas, the aviation industry has had a plane that continues to fly strong. A bit of Cessna History.

 With his aeroplane at Burdett, Kansas: 1914 ....

Clyde Cessna & his 1916 airplane; First built in Wichita, Kansas. 
Photo taken at Beaver, OK with part of the Beaver Boosters: 1916

"Silver Wings," Cessna monoplane in flight. 1911

Clyde with is plane... wouldn't he be proud to see where his company is today?

Have you flown your Cessna today? 

XOX Karlene


  1. Thanks. A great post and a wonderful reminder about those engineers and raw inventors that have lead us to the airplanes of the 21st century. WIthout Mr. Cessna and his kind, we'd still be r owing our way arcoss the oceans or riding horses from coast to coast. Not bad things, but we move a little faster these days. And for you, young lady, moving from a C152 to the A330 just had to be, if only to accommodate those long legs. I'll bet that the A330 (and your other six or seven type certificates fit you a lot better.) A fun post and thank you! -Craig

    1. Lol.... oh, the story of long legs in the cockpit. Yes, I did have to move to a 172 quickly because I didn't fit in the 152. And my first instructor nicknamed me 5-mile-legs. (He said it was a holding pattern thing) Yes... faster and farther. It still amazes me every time I walk around a plane of the intelligence and ingenuity that went into the creation. In awe.
      Thanks for your comment!

  2. Hi, Karlene!

    Yes, a lot of us have warm feelings for Cessna products. To supplement your comments, I'd add that much of what Cessna became is owed to Clyde's nephew, Dwane Wallace who took over the company in 1934 and was the guiding spirit behind the 140 and all its progeny.

    Best regards,


    1. OH... what a fantastic, link - Dwane Wallace. It's so nice when the generations that follow continue on with the pride and ownership of their ancestors dreams and the life they'd put into something spectacular. We can all make a difference.
      Thanks for your comment!

  3. I used to work for Cessna in Wichita (13 years ago). I have very fond memories of my 4+ years there. Life took me another direction and I wish I could have stayed longer. I feel very privileged to have been there and able to talk to the "old timers" and see the original documentation and machinery that created those legendary planes.

    Frank beat me to it but yes Dwane Wallace was a true leader loved by many. I'm told it was not uncommon for him to show up on the factory floor and spend time working on the assembly line.

    Maybe someday I'll be able to say I've flown my Cessna today. For now all it will have to be good enough to say I'm scheduled to fly someone else's next week.

    1. You know Dan, being scheduled to fly someone else's is almost as good as it gets.

      I used to ferry planes from the Wichita factory to Renton Aviation when I was 20 years old. Those were the good old days for sure.

      I love to hear when leaders like Dwane Wallace show up to work with the team. That one of the reasons that makes them great.

  4. Very insightful historical piece. Some of us are just beginning to experience Cessnas and enjoying every bit of the journey

    1. Joseph, you will love this journey. Have fun and be good to your plane, she is a little princess. :)


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