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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Aviation Writers ...

1st Annual WNBA National Writing Contest.

This could be an easy way for some of you incredibly talented pilots to earn money for school, flight lessons, or fund your passion of flight!

The WNBA...Women’s National Book Association is a dynamic organization of women and men across the broad spectrum of writing and publishing. Membership includes Editors, Publishers, Literary Agents, Professors, Academics, Librarians, Authors, Book Sellers and many others involved in the world of books.

After years of celebrating published authors, extraordinary book women and others in the field, we have decided it is time to celebrate emerging writers. I'm just fortunate to know how many talented aviation writers are out there who could use some extra dollars to fund their passion. 

Who has more time to read than pilots on the road?
I know you have a story to tell. 

GUIDELINES: Submission Period: June 1st – November 1st, 2012

  • Fiction 2,500 word limit – may be a short story, or a stand alone excerpt from a novel in progress.
  • Poetry: 35 line limit – or one page double spaced
  • Previously unpublished work only.
  • Your entry must be uploaded without your name, address, or contact information on the actual document. Your contact information will be collected on a separate form when you submit your entry.
  • Applicants must be 18 years or older  
  • You may submit more than one entry, however, each one must be separately submitted.
  • Acceptable formats are: Word Document 2007, Word Document 2003 or earlier version, RTF (Rich Text Format) 
  • Winner will be announced April 1st, 2013. Contest results will be posted on line

PRIZE: $250 cash prize and will be published in Bookwoman, the Official publication of the Women’s National Book.

Association, with 10 chapters nationwide. 2nd, 3rd and honorable mention prizes in each category, please see website for details.

Proceeds of the contest will go to support scholarships for writing conferences and other professional development training.

What will you write about today? Have you read any good books lately? 

Yesterday I finished reading Outliers The Story of Success. And it was fantastic! Last night I started my good friend, Heather McCorkle's To Ride A Puca.

Enjoy the journey!

XO Karlene

Flight For Safety: 53,918 words. 


  1. Fantastic idea to reach out to aviation enthusiasts/writers! Thanks for putting this out there, Karlene.

    1. Thank you Linda. And they have so much to talk about too.

  2. This should open for 16 years old writers! What a pity! This seems to be a good contest, and the prize is great also... $250 would help to finance books and studying materials! D:

    1. Alex, I wish it were open to 16 year old students. When I sent you the link, I'd forgotten... once again... that you were only 16. You make it hard to believe that your ability, and talent all came in 16 years.

  3. Forwarded this to two future authors I know. Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Victoria, Thank you so much for spreading the word. So many talented people out there. One will win this.


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