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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Aviation Universe

This Saturday June 23rd
Ever wonder where inspiration comes from? Why this book? Why now? Where is our industry going? How much truth is there in fiction? 
Talk and Book Signing!

I hope you'll join us for a fun talk, 
and get your copy of Flight For Control

If I had known how good this book was going to be, I would have started it on a day I could finish it!” Captain McCullough  

“It's about time that a good aviation novel was written by someone who knows something about aviation and has the literary talent to keep a reader on the edge of his seat. 
Barry Schiff

“If you like political intrigue, mysteries, suspense novels, romance novels, books made of paper, electronic books or even if you don't like books at all, this one will rock your world!”  
G Crowder

"It is as if Tom Clancy wrote a novel based upon commercial airline crews." John Stanhaus
“In several dimensions, the world of Flight for Control is our world…. Is this world some intriguing alternate reality - or our own future?”  Frank Van Haste
 13 W. Main St., Shop #6 Bensenville, IL
(Main St. & York Rd., at the west side of O'Hare Airport

This is going to be the event of events all year.

"If I have the courage to do what I'm planning, 
Darby will be so proud of me...where's the Tequila?

Hope to see you there!

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene

Flight For Safety: 46,494 words


  1. Have fun! I wish I could be there. We need to get together and do a joint signing some time!

    1. Thank you Heather. We should plan something. Maybe for Christmas? We could organize gift a book signing? :)

  2. Hey K
    Enjoyed your talk...looking fwd to reading the book when I am stuck on a layover-
    (Sorry I didn't bring the good crew-van to whisk you back to ORD...)
    By the way, look in mail for a book from Aviation Universe-after I dropped you off I went back and they had a copy of "Fly the Wing" which I bought and they are sending to you. When you were thanking me for 'taking care of my crew' I guess you didn't realize that I believe in 'paying it fwd'
    See you down the line-

    1. Thank you Tim! I loved the crew van that you brought. Oh... and thank you so much for my NWA notebook too. I will carry it with me always. Seriously.

      And what a fantastic surprise! Thank you so much for my copy of "Fly The Wing." I am so looking forward to it.

      Will pay it forward too. Always.
      It was so great to meet you.

  3. K- Book mailed Thursday of this week...should be there after the 4th and before Christmas...

    Tim-8dme w ORD


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