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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pilot Suicide kills 44

1994, pilot suicide kills 44...

“RAM flight 630 departed Agadir (AGA) on a domestic flight to Casablanca. Some ten minutes after takeoff, while climbing through 16000 feet, the ATR-42 lost control. The ATR-42 entered a steep dive and crashed in the Atlas Mountains.

The accident was said to have been caused by the captain disconnecting the autopilot and directing the aircraft to the ground deliberately.”

"Where Fiction Mirrors Truth"

“Say, when I read about the Jet Blue pilot going banana's I sure thought about your book. Hell, it's almost exactly as you depicted. Maybe all the stress is starting to show on the flight crews, just as you said.

I think about what I went through during my tenure, what with all the company's going bankrupt and the scare of NWA during all the strikes etc. we had. The stress was there too but we took it in stride but now maybe it's too much for this new generation. I don't know but it's sure not healthy for the industry.”

Retired Northwest Airlines Captain

Perhaps back then there was hope.
Do pilots feel there is hope, and they are in control of their lives today?
Where do you feel the future of Aviation is headed?
Where will we be in ten years? 

The challenge is yours... Make the Skies Safe.

Join me in Jacksonville Florida... Specifically: KCRG. Craig Municipal Airport. This Saturday June 9th from 10-Noon. Katja is hosting a Flight For Control Book club meeting. We're focusing on the future of Aviation, and what we can do to make the skies safer. I would love to meet you.

What can you do to make the skies safe?

Enjoy The Journey

XOX Karlene


  1. Karlene, I'm guessing you are aware of the FedEx 705 attempted takeover in the 90's? As a refresher, the flight engineer wanted to end his life to help provide for his family. His sick plot involved bludgeoning the crew. He intended to fly around for 30 minutes with the CVR fuse pulled. He never made it that far and is now serving life in prison.

    1. Hi John, I am well aware of that story. I listened to one of the surviving captain's story as to what happened, and his healing. The FE was more than trying to provide for his family. He knew he was going to be fired for falsifying records and lying during his interview. His trail of lies had caught up to him. If you ever have the chance to listen to the story... we'll worth it.
      Thank you so much for the comment!

  2. You are bringing about an awareness that is much needed with your fantastic book Karlene. I always knew it would be world-changing. ;)

    1. Thank so much! I hope it's world changing. May be just changing my world. ;)

  3. How great that you get to go to Florida for a book and discussion party! Wishing you LOTS of participants.

    1. Thanks Linda! Wishing me lots of luck, and participants!!!

  4. Enjoy Florida, the state I was lucky to spend my year while training for my pilot license!

    What do I do to make the skies safer? Aim for perfection - but never get there. Always strive to improve my own performance.

    Good luck with the event! Wish I could've been there, but it's still the wrong continent for this lady ;-)

    1. Cecilie, Thank you for the great comment. Yes... always striving for perfection and never getting there. That's a great statement.
      What is one thing that you always try to acquire, but hopefully will never get? Perfection. We know once we think we are perfect, growth and learning stop.
      I'm so bummed the wrong continent. I'm going to find my way to your continent somehow.


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