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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday Wellness

"Off the Record Q & A with a Local A.M.E."

DR. Larry

One of the most challenging aspects of a pilot's life is to not only maintain optimal health, but to pass that all dreaded FAA physical. For airline pilots, your career depends upon it. For general aviation, imagine being told you're grounded.

I recently switched FAA physicians because my AME, that I'd been seeing for thirty-years, retired. But the Doctor I had switched to, and visited twice, couldn't accommodate my reserve schedule this month. As with all good fortune that follows me when I least suspect it, I met Dr. Larry Greenblatt.

Dr. Larry's passion for helping pilots maintain optimal health "before" something happens is evident. How many pilots do you know that have "two" doctors because they fear that their AME will pull their medical certificate? What about the other end of the spectrum when your AME collects your check and does minimal? Dr. Larry and I had quite the talk and is honesty, integrity and experience spoke volumes.

He's offered too make himself available to us with a Q. & A. session. Every Wednesday we'll be asking Dr. Larry questions concerning anything you might want to know concerning your health or about your medical certificate.


Every situation and person is different, and this blog is NOT to be used to replace your own health professionals, and or their advice. Dr. Larry is not answering questions on behalf of the F.A.A., but with the experience as an AME. His opinion cannot be used to challenge an F.A.A. decision, as we know... the government sometimes has a mind of its own. But, he can help eliminate some fears, concerns, and help point you in the right direction. His goal is to keep you healthy.

Please meet Dr. Larry Greenblatt:

Lawrence J. Greenblatt, D.O.


As one of the busiest AME’s in the Northwest, Dr. Larry Greenblatt has performed pilot medical exams for over 30 years. He’s seen most health problems confronting pilots and he’s developed a loyal following of aviators who trust his judgment and his desire to keep them flying.

Dr. Greenblatt grew up in small aircraft and he was married to a flight attendant for almost 20 years. He understands the industry and appreciates pilot’s concerns. He also knows how to move the process along through the system.

Dr Greenblatt was certified by the FAA in 2011 as an Advanced Airman Medical Examiner, a distinction only a few AME’s attain. Dr. Greenblatt’s training enables him to understand the requirements necessary for certifying the most challenging medical cases, and assisting pilots through the certification process.

Trained in Family and Sports Medicine, Dr Greenblatt passionately advocates for cardiovascular and stroke prevention education for both the general and commercial aviation communities. He enjoys working with aviators to keep them on the job.

“Much like the planes we fly, it’s much easier to keep our bodies from breaking than fixing what’s broken. The industry is stressful enough. There is no need to add to that stress by ignoring one’s wellness.”

In addition to his AME skills, in 2003 Dr. Greenblatt was asked to create an innovative, “retainer fee” medical practice, called Care Medical Associates, PLLC. This affordable yet premium primary care practice caters to a person’s time schedule and desire for first-class service in a relaxing environment. His practice offers the discerning person easy access, 24/7 from anywhere, with prompt communication via email, phone or in-office consultations. The interactions are unlimited and a personal relationship, the way it used to be, is guaranteed.

Click HERE to visit Dr. Larry's practice. Next week, we'll jump in with the questions, and hopefully you'll have some to send my way as well.

Email your questions to Subject: Dr. Larry.

Enjoy the Journey!

~ Karlene


  1. Hey what a great idea! Really nice to hear there about good AMEs like Larry. I'm excited to read this blog on Wednesdays!

  2. I know from personal experience how important an aviation medical can be and am very glad we have great AMEs like Dr. Larry out there :)

  3. Excellent idea, Karlene! I will read Wednesday posts here first every week!

  4. Are questions to be sent via email or by comment, Karlene?

  5. Thanks Fred. Updated your question above! To me.

  6. Thanks Daniel. I think you'll like this guy. You need to let your Dad and everyone in Sequim know too. You should all come his way. He's great.

  7. Vic, you certainly do have experience in this. I would love for you to think of something based on what you went through, on what you could have done differently, if possible. What do you think?

  8. Linda, he's just over the bridge from you. I was thinking that his earthbound practice would be perfect for you.

  9. This is a great idea Karlene! And a huge thank you to Dr. Larry for participating!

  10. I think I could ponder up something for ya!

  11. I am sure that what I will learn every Wednesdays would help my future.I am looking forward to reading posts as many people do:)
    Thank you,karlene san,Dr.Larry.

  12. Hi Karlene. The periodic (weekly) Dr. Larry, AME-A post is a wonderful, new feature for your blog. I think it will become a hit. Dr. Larry's obvious approach to prevention is simply Good Medicine and is one of the hallmarks of his D.O. background. The fast access 'premium service', as he says, "The way it used to be," is the basis for good preventative care. The connection with Dr. Larry sounds like you have captured yet another aiviation star. Congratulations!! Not that it matters, but does Dr. Larry fly? If not, get him signed up. Best wishes, -Craig. (Cedarglen, still having to post as anon, but it usually works.)

  13. Thanks Craig, I think he's flown in his past. We may have to get him up again. I'll check on that. Prevention is the best medicine!


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