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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A330 Fun Fact

Yesterday we followed a 747-400 across the Pacific. A few occasional bumps, and longer than planned flight plan, but we found Tokyo.

The arrival into Nartia's International Airport was busy. We held, were vectored, and change runways the last minute due to a shift in winds. Which by the way never actually shifted until the company behind us. What is the max tailwind to land the A330?

Now for A330 Trivia....

Did you know there is a way to unlock the cockpit door of the A330 from the inside the flight deck without using your hands? I'm thinking that this could question could win you a few beers.

How do you do it?

On the top left corner of the overhead panel you'll find the CKPT DOOR CONT panel. Notice the two black circles below the words CKPT and CONT? Well, those are pressure sensors. All you have to do is blow! The sensors will notice a different pressure and the door will unlock.

Yes... it's true! How do I know? We did this on the flight into Tokyo yesterday. Time to fly... and I'm off to Bangkok.

Enjoy the Journey!

XOX Karlene


  1. I always wondered what the folks in front were doing to stay awake on that flight.... and now I know. Blowing on the instruments and playing drinking games.....

  2. I love the picture of the ocean!!
    have a good flight to Bangkok
    (random question- do you usually fly as the relief f/o, or do you switch every leg with the other f/o?)

  3. Not that I'll ever get to unlock a cockpit door from the inside (I hope!) but hey, I could use this in a novel... ;)

  4. I'm definitely using this one next time I'm hard up for a beer, Karlene. I keep thinking Lauren Bacall's advice to Humphrey B., but opening the cockpit door is way more impressive than whistling.

  5. Well DB, we've got to do what we've got to do. The important thing is we're staying awake. :)
    PS... the drinking part is always on the ground.

  6. Hey Dan, we don't have relief FO's. If there is an augmented crew, which is normally the case, then all three pilots take a 2/3's of the flight. The Captain has to be up there for the takeoff and landing. So, the FO's will take turns either doing the takeoff or the landing, and giving the CA a break.

    So, if I'm doing the takeoff with the Captain, then when she takes her break, then I'll sit in her seat and let the other FO make a nest in the right seat since he'll be there for the landing.

    This trip however, we're flying single crew in and out of SIN, BKK, and PVG. So only two of us.

    Great question.

  7. Heather, you could use that in a novel for sure. And so much more.

  8. Linda, oh yes, if Lauren only knew... but blowing is so much more fun. Thanks for the comment!

  9. Karlene. I am concerned. You openly admit to blowing open a door on an airliner with passengers on board. What if the CIA reads this now! I can see the headlines, and Lois Lane would be proud to be the author....
    sheesh, am I glad I keep to single engine planes without doors... they cant be blown open!

  10. But... But... But... we don't blow it "open" we just blow it unlocked. :)

  11. beautiful sky's photo.It is beauty of nature.
    Thanks for sharing beauty of nature's photo.
    Have a great night.

  12. Thank you Jun, Yes... it is beautiful. And the gateway to your homeland. Such beauty! Thank you for the comment!

  13. Oh my, this is absolutely amazingly crazy! I would really like to know how pilots discovered this. Someone tried to blow on the things in the cockpit during the flight, just for fun? :o]

    1. The really amazing thing is... how do we know this stuff? lol. Crazy!


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