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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Friday's Fabulous Flyer...

Debut Author/ Pilot... Nathan Carriker

He's back...

couple weeks ago I received a gift in the mail. The novel, A Silver Ring, by my friend Nathan Carriker. Nate and I met, on-line, two years ago in a moment of pitching crisis. I featured him as my Friday's Fabulous Flyer May 14, 2010. Today, Nate shows that perseverance and dedication can make anything happen. Not only in his writing abilities, but his life.

Nate's novel arrived in my mailbox at a busy time in my life. But is there ever not a busy time? I carved out every spare minute to read, page by page.
I loved the story.

How much fun can reading a few pages at a time be? I was living in the lives of his characters with no rush to move on. Enjoying their journey. And then one night, soaking in the tub (my favorite place to read), I closed the book. I was finished. That's when I realized my water was cold, and it was 2 a.m.

Did I love his book? Yes! So much so that I am giving a copy away to one lucky person. Sign up to follow my blog and leave a comment. That's all you have to do. Then come back on Monday August 29 to see if you won the drawing.

Nate has woven the fabric of generations with the love of flight. His knowledge of aviation history is amply apparent, and when you climb into the book you'll find yourself flying a plane in WWII. But more than that, you'll find the love of family, and how life is connected.

Every soul has a Mission—but every life has its Fate.

If the Army had just let Wes Hutchinson be a pilot, maybe things would have been different. He’d get to marry his English love, Melody. They might have had a son he could teach to fly. Perhaps after the war Wes could have even squared things up with his sister’s suitor… their children could have been playmates…

But the day after Melody gives him a special gift and tries to tell him she’s pregnant, combat gives Wes his life’s wish. Left at the controls of his crew’s ravaged bomber—

With enemy fighters diving in for the kill— for his last harrowing minutes on Earth, he’s a pilot. Mired in a fog of shame and heartbreak, Melody carries Wes’ photo, his child, and the gift he left behind to his family in America. But by the time she reaches them, grief—and now-hometown-hero Frank Lawton—have taken their toll. We can only fight so hard, so long.

Forty years later, war orphan Justin Prator can’t explain the talent for flying he and his son Paul share, until he’s contacted by his birth mother, a kindly old woman with a stubborn English accent. The same day, Paul falls in love with an oddly familiar firebrand. Before they wed, Paul’s new grandmother presents him with their family’s lost icon—a silver ring—and pulls a smoldering tinderbox from the emotional rubble of World War Two.

Thank you Nate for sharing your Novel with me. A Silver Ring is fabulous. A job well done! For those of you who can't wait for the drawing, click HERE to purchase a copy of your own.

Keep writing Nate! I hope you have another story in you. To read more about Nate, click HERE.

Enjoy the Journey!



  1. Thanks for sharing this bit from Nate's book, Karlene. It looks fantastic!

  2. I'd be very interested to read! Always glad to hear of pilots writing too. Also went back and read the blog on Nathan, what a great story!

  3. if you have to trim a 747 nose up and you have already applied back pressure, if you trim the airplane nose up, will the yoke move forward on its own?

  4. I'm interested to know how he went about publishing it, self-publishing or traditional. I'm really glad he did, though! :D

  5. Thank you Linda! Yes... this is a fascinating story. I'll tell you all about it when I see you.

  6. Daniel, I was going to give you the book when you came by for dinner. Now, you're entered in the drawing. Good luck! You will love the story!!

  7. Anonymous.... Interesting question on Nate's post. Email the question to me... I would love to answer it. Thanks!

  8. Christine, I want to know too! I'll let you know.


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