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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Flight Deck....

Aviators can't navigate without a bit of humor in their day... and the joke for me yesterday was, I had two days remaining on reserve and scheduling called for a 13 day trip!

Narita. Bangkok. Singapore. Shanghai.

Heading East tomorrow. But before I go, I must ask an important aviation question...

What do you call the Flight Deck, alias Cockpit, if there are all women pilots flying?

My friend Zyola just sent me a link to her newest endeavor:

Coming soon... this looks like a ton of fun!

Now, since I'm heading on the road... sky... someplace out there, I will have stories and photos galore! Stay tuned... the fun has just begun!

But 13 days away from home? Seriously?
Yes... I can do anything for 13 days!

Enjoy the Journey!

XOX Karlene


  1. Love that BoXX Office idea with the double-x chromosomes! I'll be watching for sure. Thirteen-day trip, wow. Again. Hang in there, and enjoy; I'm looking forward to those great pictures!

  2. 13 days trip would be great.I am excited you will land at my country Narita airport.I wish you landed Kansai.haha!
    I am always proud of you flying safely all over the world for passengers:)
    have a safe trip,Karlene san.

  3. I love Singapore! Do get some of that Pepper Crab on the East Coast (every taxi driver knows where that is). But my favorite is the breakfast in the hotels. They typically have Western breakfast, Chinese breakfast, and a combo Asia/Indian one. I make a pig of myself and eat all three! My excuse is that it's actually dinner time for my stomach.....

  4. Hang in there Karlene, you can do it! But wow, that is a long time. When you get back it will only be a short time until my visit. :)

  5. Oh, Kar, I hope you took a lot of books along, including The Secret of Spruce Knoll! That's what I'm reading at the coast next week - I'm so thrilled for Heather!!

  6. Thanks Linda! Hanging in there. One day down and 12 to go!

  7. D.B. Now you're talking... and we know you're a pilot. You're talking Food! I may just go eat with the orangutan at the zoo. That was always fun. But the three breakfasts... sounding good too.

  8. Hi Jun, Thank you so much! I too wish it were in Kansai... but I am getting closer. Your country is beautiful! Have a wonderful day!

  9. Thanks Heather! I am counting the days until your visit. I can hardly wait.

  10. Thanks Kathy! I did bring a lot of books! And plan on doing a lot of writing too. Have fun at the coast


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