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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Monday Motivation: Opportunity

"In the Middle of Difficulty Lies Opportunity"
Albert Einstein

August Money Motivation:

I'm giving $1000 to the person who finds a buyer that results in a closing.
Contact Peggy French at

Nestled in the cozy town of Anchorage Alaska lies my difficulty and your opportunity. 1997 I began my Northwest Airlines adventure as a 747 Second Officer. After three years of staying in hotels I purchased a condo as a crash pad.

As I've moved on to another carrier, I am selling this little bit of heaven.

2101 West 29th Anchorage Alaska

The living space on the main floor includes the kitchen and large living room. As you can see I had a dining table that sat six. This glass table is still in the unit and will be gifted to the lucky buyer if they're interested. Imagine a full size couch, large coffee table, two end tables, a desk, chair, book shelve, piano, bar table with two large bar stools and a corner plant stand in one room. The space is incredible.

The fireplace not only creates great ambiance, but the gas is included in the homeowners assessments. And while this unit has electric heat I was able to keep my unit heated with the fireplace and a low setting for the electric heat keeping the bills low.

While the MLS listing say's this is a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom-- that statement is a legality issue. There are actually two sleeping rooms. The original condo had a large loft upstairs with that looked down to the living room, and a catwalk to the window that opened for emergency egress. The problem with this layout was that guests would walk through the sleeping area to use the bathroom. With every difficulty there is always a solution.

I built a wall and extended the floor above. I actually extended the catwalk to accommodate a small bed, shelves and a closet that once was the catwalk area. I created a hallway to the bathroom and laundry room. Saloon style doors add to the beauty. In addition, I added custom indoor blinds that drop down and close out the living room below for that added privacy.

The large sleeping room upstairs accommodated two queen size beds, two nightstands and shelving against one wall. The bedroom is quite large.

Past the bedrooms and down the hall is the bathroom and a ton of storage! There are three large mirrored closets in the outer area of the bathroom, one of which houses the washer and dryer. This outer area also has under cabinet lighting, over head vanity lights, a dimming switch... all of which add to the beauty. Click HERE for photos not shown.

Step through the door to the inner bathroom and you'll find the commode, tub/shower combo, and a wall of cabinets with drawers. Did I say tons of storage?

Two months ago I installed a brand new water heater!

Special features:
  • Undercover parking spot with power to plug in your car.
  • An additional storage closet on the main floor.
  • Only one adjoining neighbor...Nobody above, below, and only on one side of the unit. My unit is an inside corner and the hallway encloses two sides.
  • Quiet!
  • It took me 10 minutes in the winter to drive to the airport for work.
  • Walking distance to hiking trails, downtown, and the beach.
  • Gas, Garbage, parking lot snow removal are all included in the low dues.
  • 5 minute walk to restaurants, and lake hood.
Lake Hood

We just lowered the price and this is probably the best value in Anchorage. With rezoning, many units no longer qualify for FHA loans... mine does.

It's just time for me to move on. My unit is now listed for $129,900 and priced to sell.

I'm not just selling a property, I'm offering a great opportunity for an excellent investment. Anchorage is probably one of the few places in the United States that the properties values haven't tanked.

Memories of Good Times in the Crash Pad

With every pilot photo there is always a good story, and this is one of the best. I'm willing to tell this very detailed, and fun, story that lurks behind this photo to the person who can find me a buyer...
  • Why was the captain wearing the "do anything" robe?
  • What is a "do anything" robe?
  • Why four pilots?
  • Why was the pilot holding Santa smiling when an hour before he wanted to cry?
  • Where did we land nine hours after this photo was taken?
  • Most importantly... "WHO" was taking this picture?
Many memories of the journey.

Please... if you know anyone commuting to Anchorage, moving to Anchorage, or someone who might know someone in Anchorage... I would so much appreciate help in the sale of this wonderful gift.

Enjoy the Journey!

~ Karlene


  1. It's a beautiful condo, Karlene, and what a great deal for anyone who needs a place in Anchorage! I will tell my realtor friend about it in case she has any clients moving to Anchorage.

  2. Thanks, but I'm staying put on my 75 acres in Western Oregon. It looks like a wonderful, comfortable spot for a young freight hauler based Ankorage. I'm sure it will sell quickly. Best of luck. Oh yes... Any news about a pub date for your novel? I'm looking forward to it.
    -Craig (Cedarglen)


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