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Friday, July 22, 2011

Carter Wogen: Friday's Fabulous Flyer

On-time performance...

Life doesn't always work that way. Especially when there is a baby involved. Usually we're plagued with delays, but this time Carter made his appearance a week early! June 20, 2359, 2011.

36 hour labor, he was cleared for approach. But that little guy waited in a holding pattern for 8 hours in the hospital before he accepted that clearance. On final approach, 2 hours of pushing, and he joined the world.

21.5 inches long... when he fills out he will be a football player!

Carter paid his mother back for her 36 hours of labor with jagged breathing. I'm thinking that this flight was like running a marathon, and he was just out of breath. They moved him to the NICU to keep an eye on him for 48 hours.

IV coming out today. Antibiotics going away. He's going home tomorrow. Everyone is doing great!

And then there are update photos:

Enjoy the Journey!

~ Karlene


  1. Yippee!!! Go Carter! What a relief, Karlene, and I'm sure there are tears of joy everywhere in your families. Whew, that little guy gave us all a scare. He's gonna be a handful!

  2. It's such a huge relief to hear that he's doing good. I was so worried for a while! But I knew it would turn out well. :) Congrats to your family on their new addition!

  3. Aw Carter is so precious! So glad he made into the world safe and sound. :)

  4. He really is adorable! Glad he's going to be out of the hospital.

  5. So great he's doing good.<3
    What an adorable baby.

  6. Thank you Linda! Yes... a handful for sure. But so worth it. Tears of joy for everyone!

  7. Thank you Heather! And for your worry and concern. I too knew everything would be fine! Such a remarkable night.

  8. Karen, Thank you so much! My little precious man. Two grandsons now... wow.

  9. Thank you Jeff! And thank you so much for your gracious offers while I was back there. I wish we could have got together. We appreciate you so much!!!

  10. Thank you Czarina! He is adorable and so loved by all. Thank you for the comment!


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