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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Olivia Fowler: Why I want to fly

Soaring above the clouds so free am I
I climb higher to try to reach the sun
I am so free flying up in the sky

Flying forever, I have so much fun

Fly over the land, fly over the sea

I fly to the cloud-filled land that I love

Ill never be captured, Ill always be free
To gaze down at trees and towns from above

In my little plane, with it’s big, strong wings

I fly all night long, and into day

For I am the queen, the queen of all things

I never could live any other way

I soar up above, way up in the sky

Oh, How terribly much I love to fly

Olivia was one of our why "I want to fly" essay/poem contestants, and her feelings of flight soar across the page. "I am so free." Those were my exact feelings when I first took to the sky.

Keep your passion alive Olivia. Follow your dreams and there is nothing you can't do. A beautiful poem and I'm honored to share it.

Enjoy the Journey!

~ Karlene


  1. What a great feeling, to soar and be free! Worth pursuing for sure.

  2. Thanks for your comment Linda. Yes... so true... soar and be free.


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