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Monday, July 18, 2011

Sundowner For Sale

Monday Motivation:

“My Life is Perfect—Appreciate everything and everyone in your life without doubt or expectations. Learn the way to set change in motion is to bless and feel grateful for even the most difficult parts of your life.” Author unknown.

Paul Sergeant is grateful his Sundowner stayed around long enough to complete his CFI-A and CFI-I without having to rent another plane. But he say’s, “it’s time for 49C to find another home.”

“A plane that is a step up to room and comfortable a very good useful load plus it is a delight to handle in the air. Those are just a few of the many reasons to choose a Beech Sundowner as your next airplane. Building time or travel cheap – the Sundowner lets you do both and not break your budget at the same time.” Flying

1983 Model Beechcraft C23 Sundowner N6349C, Serial number M2371.

Asking $55,000.00 OBO

N6349C is one of the best equipped Sundowners available. Serial Number M-2371 is one of the last Sundowners made, and was used as an instrument trainer by Executive Beechcraft in Missouri.

Paul purchased the aircraft in 2005 with a very low time engine and used it for his own commercial and CFI training and to carry his "growing" four person family around the United States. The only reason he's selling it is because that family just kept on growing and he upgraded to a V35A Bonanza.

In 2008 he replaced the original round dial steam gauges and upgraded to full IFR GPS capability, coupled to a STEC-50 autopilot with attitude hold. If that's not enough he’s got a dual LOC/GS ILS, KX-165 Nav/Com radio, ADF, DME and a WX-8 stormscope. "A serious IFR Cross Country Machine."

He also added the Power Flow STC for a tuned exhaust, adding 200 to 300 ft/min to the climb rate, and a top speed of 130kts. With full fuel and 1 person, moderate temperatures and starting at 600 ft MSL, an initial climb of 800 -1000 ft/min is not uncommon and well above book. He normally cruised at 2500 and 115 kts, buring 10.5 gallons per hour. Apparently the tail weight makes landing significantly easier than most C23's, and he's rarely had CG issues.

Specs & Equipment:

5500 TT on Airframe, 466 hrs SMOH on refurbished 0-360-A4K 180HP 4-cylinder engine S/N L24864-36A.

466 hrs on Propeller (Senseich 76EM8S5-O-60 s/n 29392K)

Stand-by Vacuum System

Heated Pitot

Dual Push to Talk on Yokes

Voice activated 2-Pl Intercom

Analog Clock

59 Gal. Fuel

Post Lights

Red Reading Light

Hand tow bar

Stand-by Vacuum System

Master avionics switch

Exterior Power Receptacle

Dual Brakes

Electric Vent Fan/blower

Rear seat ventilation system

Strobes w/ Strobe Beacon

1 Piece Windshield

Shoulder Restraints

Complete Logs

Dual Pilot Doors

External Paint – good (7), repainted in 1997

Internal Condition – good (8)


Annual October 2010 – no major squawks

New tires and ELT battery September 2010

Good compression on all 4 cylinders

IFR certification August 2009

AD’s complied with

No metal in oil

Contact: mobile: 214 708 5221

This motivated seller is even willing to paint it purple if needed. I’m thinking Darby should buy it, paint it pink and color the world happy.

Or some industrious person should do what Jason did—You could own this plane, build hours and have someone else pay for it. Click HERE to learn how. Do you know anyone who wants a great plane?

Enjoy the Journey!

~ Karlene


  1. Wow, what a nice-looking little airplane. I hope it finds a good home!

  2. Nice stack of avionics goodness there! :-)

  3. Thanks for your comment Linda! I'm thinking we should buy this. :)

  4. Tom, I have to laugh. While most planes are female, four-niner Charlie is definitely a guy. Is it appropriate to discuss Charlie's stack? ;) Actually, you need to add this Sundowner to your fleet.

  5. Karlene - thanks for posting 6349C on your site. You and Linda most certainly should buy him! With this panel, even Seattle weather is no handicap!

    Here in TX, where blue skies predominate, I long for low ceilings and light rain, and leap at the chance to get in some real IFR and low approaches without a hood :)

  6. If he'd take monthly payments, I'd be happy to take it off his hands. I need a plane to do my training in.

    Kolibri Aviation Safety Research

  7. The Erstwhile Medic... I'm sending him that exact question...

  8. Hello! Is this still for sale?

    1. I would call the number and ask.

    2. Ah thanks! It's surprising that you're still active even after 10 years!

    3. Of course! Hopefully I'll still be here in ten more years. Good luck with finding this plane. If not, I'm sure there is another out there with your name on it!


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