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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Timeless Message

Do you know who wrote the following memo to their station managers?

"No Employee will ever be punished for using good judgment and good old common sense when trying to accommodate a Customer -- no matter what our rules are. Let's start leaning toward our Customers again -- not away from them. Let's start encouraging our line Employees to be a little more flexible and to take that extra minute to try to accommodate special needs. Let's start encouraging our Supervisors to give our Customers the benefit of the doubt. I'll bet if those of us in top management started exhibiting some of that special WINNING SPIRIT that has contributed so greatly to our present success, those on the lower ends of the Management Group would be quick to jump in and follow suit."

Enjoy the journey! Karlene


  1. No...but interesting that you said that. Because, there is a connection to the person who said that... and to Jetblue founder. One fired the other.

  2. Roto... you are so close! But... not Herb. Just remember, behind every successful man is a woman who made it happen. ;)

  3. Colleen Barrett!

    Thanks for the clue! :-)

  4. Yes! You are welcome... a good clue it was. :)

  5. Thanks for that quote though, never would have guessed the correct answer however!


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