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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Scheduling Calls!

Arrival into Seattle!

Just after 0500, August 20th, and I had just fallen into a wonderful REM type of sleep when the phone rang. Scheduling calls! "Could I do what?" "When?" "Oh, but of course."

I was just about to start the second of my three days off, and life changed course. Which happens often when scheduling calls. Thus 10 pm that night (20th) I was sitting at SeaTac airport begging for a ride on the redeye. S2 passes... gotta love them on a full flight! The Flight Attendants were great! They let me stow my bags in their closet up front. Thank you ladies! A pilot from another gate gave me a blackberry that another pilot had lost somewhere in the world. I volunteered to take it to base for him. Jerry... your phone has been delivered to your mailbox, let me know when you get it!

We arrived in base early. I walked directly to the Westin. How fast can I say 'crew rate' with a late departure of 1700? The best money spent all weekend! 7 hours of delicious sleep in the most comfortable, cozy, bed in a quiet room.

Before I knew it, I was off to Rome! The First Officer needed a 6 month check... an over-60 pilot ... so he got both the takeoff and the landing. Sometimes it pays to be old... at least it beats the alternative.

Adventure in Rome: I worked on my novel. But, I did drop into the lounge and had a glass of wine with the Flight Attendants around dinner time. They went off to dinner and I took my wine to a bubble bath with Lisa Gardner, and Live to Tell. Thank you Lisa!

We are an hour behind schedule this morning. Good news the delay happened while still at the hotel. Now I can get some work done on my novel. Good music and I'm sitting 'criss cross apple sauce' on my bed with my computer. A yoga move that my grand daughter named. Life is good. I slept 10 hours last night. :)

Next destination: Accra for a 56 hour layover. We'll learn about "slam clicking" tomorrow. A new concept for me. But... I have a deadline!

Okay... who can guess where this picture is? Your answer must be "specific" and you too will win an autographed copy of Flight for Control... when it gets published!!!

Mystery Picture... where "exactly" was this taken?

Enjoy the Journey!

~ Karlene


  1. my guess is this photo was taken at SLC airport.

  2. Excellent guess Mike. NO. :) Keep guessing! Yo're almost there.

  3. Ah... such a good guess with all those Delta planes. But... No. :) Keep trying!

  4. Through Process of elimination of going through terminal maps I had it down between DTW and CVG. Looking at exterior airport pictures and the way that the jetway's look I am going to guess DTW.

  5. Westin Hotel Room, McNamara Terminal, Detroit Metro Wayne County Airport. Exact enough?

  6. This is DTW! The picture was taken look out to the South West of the South side of the McNamara terminal. It looks as though it was taken from a Delta Sky Club or a Crew Room situated on the second floor above the security check points?

  7. I clocked it, precisely; you're sat in the Westin hotel onsite there at DTW. That window view looks out as per my directions above. ;o)

  8. I'd guess DTW in the Westin lobby somewhere

  9. From Steve Tims: Was taken from the Westin Hotel at Detroit Metro, looking South along the East side of the "A" Concourse.....

    Love your Blog, keep it up!

    (From an NWA, Sorry DL, Platinum FF/ Million Miler)

    Best regards,

    Steve Tims

  10. Okay my friends with the wonderful guesses...
    YES: Detroit.
    YES: Westin.
    But... remember, this must be "specific"
    It's not a lobby, or a sky club, not a crew room, but a guest room.
    The question is... what was the number?
    Nobody said this would be easy.
    Now, to get this right... you will need sources! :) Good luck. I'm off to catch some sleep. A long day!


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