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Friday, August 13, 2010

Jason Schappert: Friday's Fabulous Flyer!

Jason Schappert… his credentials say, “certified flight instructor” but the way he lives his life say’s he’s a man of commitment, strength, passion, and a willingness to take a risk. Oh yeah, he is a pilot!

 Jason “worked his butt off” to get his CFI at the age of 18, the minimum age. When the flight school he attended offered him a job to instruct at $11 an hour he said, “NO WAY! I didn’t’ work that hard to make 11 bucks an hour!”

The fact that Jason comes from an entrepreneurial family gave him the courage to start his own business, despite a few constraints: He was in college, had no money and wanted to start a flight school. He also had two prospective students who really wanted to fly, yet he had no airplane to teach them in. And then inspiration hit. He showed up to their door with a business plan, that the three of them would purchase an airplane together. That way he could teach them, they could make money off their investment while he taught other students… a win win for all.

He sold them on the spot! Then purchased a Cherokee 140 and taught them how to fly. He also found 4 additional students, made his rate, and life was great! In 6 months he’d made more money that most do in a year, and he said, “My parents thought I was doing something illegal! Haha. I wasn’t, and never would.”

Cessna 150

Jason purchased his Cessna 150 on Ebay of all places, and flew this plane across America and back! An incredible journey that you must read to appreciate. Link below.

 Jason now has over 4000 hours of flight time, all in single engine pistons, and he is not old enough to get his ATP. Yet. He also flies single engine charters for a few local businesses, but is shying away from that to focus on his online ground school and book series!

 A pilot after my own heart, he’s an author too. He was inspired writing his training manual because he truly loves flight training. He said, “We needed something NEW and DIFFERENT. Too many of the books out there lack fun! So my book is full of pictures, jokes, and real current info.” Apparently he sat in on all of his students’ checkrides and wrote down every question they were asked and he published them! How did he publish? He created his own publishing company, and self publishes his book, Pass Your Private Pilot Checkride, and as he say’s, “it has continued to sell like crazy.”

His online ground school is currently just for Private Pilots, but is TSA approved. As Jason say’s, “It’s a complete twist on anything you’ve seen.” I suggest you check it out.

Aviation Camp too! Yes, Jason sponsors an aviation camp. I’m attaching a link to the great write up in their local paper. Another must read on this amazing man.

Shaurya Mehta at Camp

For anyone who thinks it can't be done... it can! And Jason proves that if you're willing to take a risk, work hard, and follow your dreams... you too can have it all!

You can find Jason:
On twitter @mzeroa

Jason Schappert
Certified Flight Instructor
(352) - 812-4320


  1. Gee - and I thought I was motivated at that age! Run for Congress, or President, Jason! And if you ever need any help with anything--wait a minute--what am I saying? Disregard! ;-)

  2. Lol. Nate... and I thought I was too! Jason, excellent idea... You have my vote!

  3. Wow... this really proves that hard-work and determination really gets you to where you want to go!
    Now, about the online school... I'm not quite a pilot yet, but would it work in Europe?

  4. What an amazing young man. You have to go back a few generations to find people taking risks and accomplishing amazing things like that as a matter of course, and even then I'm not so sure there were many doing so many different things. Great inspiration!

  5. Thank you so much everyone for your kind words! That really means a lot.

    Wonderful write up Karlene

    @aeropup I have a HANDFUL of students in the Online Ground School right now and they love it. The regulations section won't apply to you fully. However the principle of flight remains the same. There is a ton of learning to do in there!

    If you're really considering (prices are going up Sunday) ...hint....hint :)

    Many Blessings,

  6. Linda he is amazing! What more can we say? Hopefully the standard for the future too!

  7. Jason, Thanks for the warning of prices going up! I told @aeropup that I'm buying her the book and shipping it to England. :)

  8. Thanks for replying Jason! Maybe I will wait until I'm studying for my PPL -properly-. I'm just thinking... I still have school, and this year will be stressful, so maybe wait until next summer? Prices are just numbers.. and it's worth it for the price, so I guess it'll be ok!

    Karlene, thank you very much! :)

  9. Awesome article Karlene! Jason, great job, good stories, keep it up!

  10. Thank you Karlene and Jason for inspiring me just when I needed it the most. What a great story!

  11. Thank you Andrew!!! Thanks for motivating me! :)

  12. Heather, he is inspiring...and you are too. Believe and anything can happen!

  13. Jason, I am one of your biggest fans bro. I am a bit older than you, but I think that you are an amazing human being. I am putting my funds together and my plans to get a license thanks to you. That GS101 is "Hott", and so informative. You are truely a future leader in your industry. Now, please don't take anyone's advice about politics, you are simply too good for that.

    your student,
    E. Geno Speight


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