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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Layover maneuver…To close the door firmly, turn the lock, and hide from your crew.

ROME: Slam click! I worked on my novel all day. I emerged from my cave at 6 p.m. for a glass of wine, a few laughs with our flight attendants. They went to dinner, I returned to my room. Slam click! Wine in hand, I took Lisa Gardner and Live to Tell to a bubble bath.

ATLANTA: Slam click! A late arrival and I napped for one hour. Then awoke at 9 p.m. and worked on my novel until 0600 the following morning. An 11 hour sleep and I was off to the airport.

Time enroute: 11:30 Destination: Ghana. During my 3 hour break… I finished 3 more chapters. Yeah! Along the way, we dodged thunderstorms. It's just that time of year.

Taken at FL410 somewhere over the Atlantic

GHANA: A full van to the hotel....

Pizza and sodas at the pool...

The feet with the pink toes is me :)

And then… SLAM CLICK! The crew is on a tour and I'm working on my novel.

Goal… to finish the final revision to Flight For Control. Yes, I will do it!

Enjoy the journey!



  1. Thanks Chats! Just finishing up my novel now. Then emailing it. So very excited to be done!


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