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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Flight For Truth

Summer Reading 

"I finished Flight for Truth today and 
can't wait until Flight for Justice 
is published in February."

I have been busy writing legal briefs, studying the A350, learning how to play golf and swimming across my lake. But in the mean time, I am working on the next in the series, Flight For Justice

Today I received a comment from a reader and we should let the world know...

Justice is Coming Soon!

"I finished Flight for Truth today and can't wait until Flight for Justice is published in February. Flight for Truth is a "must read" for those following Darby Bradshaw. Who, you ask? To get to know Darby, start at Flight for Control and follow Darby and her friends thru the series of five novels! You will get to know about aviation in a new way."  Book Review

Delay Does not mean Denial

Due to some very nasty tactics
the good old boys at Global Air Lines
Have Delayed Justice... 
But the Novel is coming soon! 

Darby Bradshaw identified serious safety concerns at her airline. Thus, she presented an internal safety report to her senior management, along with recommendations for improvements. What she didn't know was that she stepped into the middle of a plan to remove pilots permanently, where executives at Global Air Lines are working with Airbus to shutdown Boeing, encourages the FAA administrator to create legislation in their favor in exchange for a position on their board of directors, and they moved their SVP of flight operations into position as the new FAA administrator. With what Darby knew, they  had to discredit Darby at all cost. 

What happened to Darby, should never happen to anyone. In Flight For Sanity, Global grounded a pilot for bringing safety information forward with an internal report, forcing her into a psychiatric evaluation. Flight For Truth was Darby's fight back. Management had waited until Christmas Eve, a year after they pulled her from duty, to tell her that her career was over. But she fights like hell to get her job back, and to hold the individual's accountable. What she doesn't know is the length that a handful of despicable individuals went to in order to keep her grounded. 

Flight For Justice will continue the journey. In addition to proving her sanity, she is in the midst of an AIR 21 lawsuit. Discovery provides answers to the corruption, violation of federal regulations, contractual violations, and the needless death of 228 people. The corruption slithers all the way to Washington D.C., and nobody is safe. Darby's chances to win are good, but it's not about truth or justice, but what you can prove in court. 

Darby Bradshaw and her attorney Robert Allen take on an airline, their million dollar legal team, and the FAA at the highest levels. The reader will have an insider's view on the corruption of the aviation industry. What makes this novel interesting, is that the dialogue was taken from actual depositions and trial testimony, leaving the reader scratching their head and thinking... this is airline management?

Summer Reading... 
and read the entire series.

You can order you autographed copies 
on this site, too.

Happy Reading! 

Enjoy the Journey!
XXO Karlene 


  1. Can’t wait to read how Darby’s story continues!
    She must be a hell of a strong woman to keep up the fight and keep standing strong against the wolves!

    1. An, Thank you so much. I think she might have a little strength. What you'll learn in the next novel is that even though she takes the corruption to the board of directors, the board sits silent and does nothing. Despite the corporate actions of violating federal regulations, placing passengers at risk and a conspiracy to silence a pilot... business goes on as usual. But does it? Thanks for the comment!

  2. It is sad what lengths a corporation will go to in order to silence a whistleblower instead of just fixing the problem. Never trust HR... they are there to protect the company, not you, and remember that money is a powerful motivator.

    PGE (Portland General Electric) owns our wind project, and I've been fighting to keep the towers turning. With rate payers paying extra for green power, why wouldn't you? Because BPA paid them not to turn so that they could open their dams (old power grid... too much power), because generators and older towers need updating and that takes $$, and because (as their CEO basically told me) "They're our towers and I will do what I want with them."

    Hmm. Last I checked it was my tax money that built them, and we leased ground to them in good faith.

    And yes, the board of directors sits silent because they, too, are bought. We have some big issues concerning accountability and I'm glad Darby is working to fix them!

    1. Apparently there is a story in every industry. I hope you like the novel! One day you'll have to write one with the PGE story.

  3. Review of Flight for Truth by Karlene Petitt
    I have just finished the fifth book in the “Flight for” series by Karlene Pettitt, Flight for Truth. She has written four previous books in the series beginning with Flight for Control, and continuing with Flight for Safety, Flight for Survival, Flight for Sanity and will be coming out with Flight for Justice in early 2021. Ms. Pettitt is an excellent author who knows how to capture the reader. From the beginning her characters have not only been believable, but also left you caring about what happened to them. The story of what is happening to airline safety continues to build in each volume. To understand the full impact of what is happening to Darby Bradshaw in Flight for Truth, and why it is so significant, reading one or preferably all of the preceding books would help you get the full enjoyment and message of what Karlene is trying to say. I have him spent many enjoyable hours, including some late nights, reading every one of these books. If you love aviation, are curious about air carrier operations, and really want to understand what is happening to our airline industry, I recommend reading all the novels. There is so much factual knowledge that Karlene includes in each book about the training methods used to qualify pilots, as well as what life is like flying the line, and the impacts on the lives of the very believable characters, that the novels truly become an education. They show the lengths that people and companies will go to hide some of the actual safety issues that are happening in the airline industry as you read this. If you are going to fly on airliners, READ these books.

    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful review! Keep the love of aviation alive! Even with the challenges, as long as we work toward continued improvement we'll keep those skies safer than they were before. It just takes a few Darby's to do the right thing. Thank you!!!


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