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Monday, July 6, 2020

Climb Via Memory 1 Departure

What's Your Route?

As we've heard from flight sim fanatic Nicolas Jackson before, there are many applications for flight stimulation. Some use it for recreation and enjoyment. While others use it as an all important supplement to their flight training. I actually used it for my B777 training. 

Recently, however, Nicolas has used it to do a bit of reminiscing. He said, "Most Avgeeks and aviation professionals fondly remember our first commercial flight." In Nicolas' case it was on a Southwest Airlines 737 from Sacramento (KSMF) to Ontario in southern California (KONT). 

While searching for an idea for his next flight simulator adventure, Nicolas came upon something clever. Having recently installed detailed scenery for the entire west coast of The US, including a lightly detailed rendition of Sacramento International Airport, Nicolas embarked on an hour long recreation of that all important first airline flight.

It was a short journey back in time. But, it was just enough to reignite Nicolas' passion for storytelling. Nicolas details this virtual flight along the Memory1 Departure in the latest episode of his long running FSRideAlong Podcast entitled "What's Your Route?". 

You can find The FSRideAlong Podcast free in Apple Podcasts and Google Play. With over 20 years of passionate flight simulation experience, Nicolas has tons of virtual "There I Was" stories to share. So come on board and ride along.

Who is Nicolas Jackson?

Nicolas is a passionate aAvgeek and flight simulator pilot that loves to tell stories and talk aviation. He can be reached on Twitter @nicnacjak or via email at Learn more about Nicolas at

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene

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