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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Kenmore Aero

Needs your Support!
Message from Jason Richert
Communications Manager:

"We have been busily upgrading our facility, building a strong customer base, and exceeding our customer's expectations for both service and fuel prices...

The time is upon us to submit our proposal for renewing our lease with King County. Once of the facets of our organization that we wish to highlight and demonstrate is the support of our local community. There are countless folks who have been impacted by Kenmore Aero's presence, from pilots to passengers, the local blood bank, and humanitarian medical flights. 

We are asking our supporters to please visit this page on our website and provide us with a statement of support in the form provided. You can share your experience from the open house, how we are exceeding your expectations as business partners, or even how you would prefer to support a small business instead of an international chain. Most importantly, share how you think a family based, community focused company could impact local aviation and the surrounding community.

I ask for your help and time is of the essence. If you can post your comments by 9:00 am on Thursday the 13th, I would appreciate it. With the help of our community, our continued commitment to service and dedication to excellence, I am confident the lease will be renewed and we will be able to share more exciting plans with you soon."


Jason Richert
Communications Manager
Kenmore Aero Services

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