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Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday's Fabulous Flyers!

Aeronautical Science Pathway Students

Yesterday I dropped down to the Museum of Flight as a guest speaker at the Aeronautical Science Pathway program. And I gifted the students a copy of Flight to Success. These students are already on the path to success!

Aeronautical Science Pathway is a program for High School Juniors and Seniors in the Puget Sound Region where they get free college credits while in high school! 

These students are fast-tracking their college education in pursuit of becoming a Professional Pilot or looking into the field of Aviation in Operations Management! I actually met a couple students that I know I will be flying with before I retire!

Check out the schedule and classes offered:

Year 1: 2016-2017

1st Semester

AVIA 103
Aviation History and Careers

AVIA 109
Intro to Unmanned Aerial Systems

AVIA 111
Private Pilot Ground School

5 credits per course | 15 credits total

2nd Semester

AVIA 112
Aircraft Systems

AVIA 123
Aviation Weather/Meteorology

AVIA 129
Unmanned Vehicle Basics

5 credits per course | 15 credits total

Year 2: 2017-2018

1st Semester

AVIA 211
Aerodynamics for Pilots

AVIA 217
Aviation Security

AVIA 270
Air Traffic Control

5 credits per course | 15 credits total

2nd Semester

AVIA 110
Airline Operations

AVIA 212
Aviation Safety and Human Factors

AVIA 214
Airport Management

5 credits per course | 15 credits total

For more information 
Check out:

Classes are at
The Museum of Flight
9404 E. Marginal Way South, Seattle, Washington 98108 
Enjoy the Journey and 
Have a GREAT weekend!
XOX Karlene


  1. Wow... :) So, Karlene, how is this program
    FIT into their schedule?

    Did you do any learning on your own, about
    FLYING, when you were their age?

    1. Paul, these students attend high school all day, and then they go back to class from 3:45 to 6 pm. It's quite a schedule and you seriously must applaud their efforts.

      I wish something like this had been available. At their age I was working full time after school... back then students could work 40 hours per week. And then the days I wasn't working, I was at the airport study flight lessons.

      But, I think this is just awesome!!
      Thanks for your comment.


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