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Friday, October 14, 2016

Fly Otto

Friday's Fabulous Flyer

Otto might not be a real person. But she is unique in today's world, by creating opportunities to bring the United States together through aviation. My friend Rod Rakic, co-founder of OpenAirplane, inc. has created a unique service for those without their own aircraft, to access thousands of U.S, airports. 

I had not thought about the number of U.S. airports, only that some are trying to close many. But Rod told me that,

"Airlines can only take you to
about 300 domestic airports, 
FlyOtto gives you direct access to 
over 5,000 U.S. destinations, 
on your own schedule." 

So FlyOtto is not competing with airlines, she is just supporting our needs when we have to get to a unique location.

"Wings when you want them" 

This works on any device, and there's nothing to download. This is just another way that creative minds in aviation are providing services for passenger needs. Rod reminds us that, "The next time you could be stuck in traffic on the highways for 4 to 6-hours, or might be standing around in airline terminals all day, FlyOtto can get you there faster and easier."

It's opportunities like this that many people don't know exist. I remember years ago friend's father had a heart attack and he had to get to him. I think he was looking at an nine hour drive, and no airline service. At the time I had an airplane and was able to take him. But how many people know pilots who own aircraft and have the time to fly last minute? This could truly be the answer for that unexpected emergency. Or the planned event you just don't want the extended drive.

This type of business may also keep our airports alive. From a pilot perspective, that's great news!  From a passenger perspective, it just makes sense to know the options are there when you have to get there.  This service actually makes booking a charter flight easy.

Check out FlyOtto  and explore the links to learn about the safety, the pilots, operations, etc., This is a pretty cool operation. I've added all their links below. But for the love of flight, there is no better way than traveling by air.

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Motivation and Children too! 

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