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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Impact of Civil Drones

On the Aviation Industry
My friend Phoebe sent me an informational post about drones. Today I was watching how a drone took a video of a neighborhood in the North Carolina flood. Then the drone assisted rescue personnel to save the man. Thanks to drones and social media, we had a happy ending... but are there downsides to drones?

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Phoebe says,

"Recently, we have seen a remarkable rise in the use of civil drones and this increased activity is posing a real risk to the aviation industry. This upward trend is believed to be increasing the risk of terrorist attacks or incidents involving aircraft. A quick look at Worlds Best Drone Videos gives us a real insight into the civilian usage of drones and their commercial application in a diversified setting that can include; mapping, videoing, film-television and inspection to name a few examples. The question is, does this undoubtedly positive usage of drones by civilians causing a more widespread threat to the aviation industry?

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Drones: A real threat to civil aviation and society? reports that commercial sales of drones has risen by more than 80% from $261 million in 2015 to an estimated $481 million come the end of 2016. This drastic increase in sales is being blamed for the increased risk of threat to the aviation industry with pilots reporting a number of near-collisions whilst flying at low altitude with a recent report when a BA flight from Geneva was struck by a drone during landing. It just takes one of these drones to fly into the engine of an aircraft to leave us dealing with a catastrophic incident…

Can this increased use of civil drones 
have a positive impact on the aviation industry? 

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If regulated properly to remove the threats that they do possess, their technology can be harnessed to help develop the potential of unmanned aircraft in the future? It is important to recognize and acknowledge the potential that this technology has for innovation and benefit to society. If introduced safely, and that is a big if, it can certainly be a positive development to work alongside existing manned aviation in the future."

Huge thanks to Phoebe for her post!

What do you think... 
Drones are here to stay
How will they impact the industry?

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