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Friday, October 21, 2016

Inspiring the Future

Begins Today! 

Inspiring the future begins with behavior!

This election has been appalling. Not as much for political beliefs... we all have them. Everyone has an opinion as to how things should be done. 

How we react to the circumstance of our life, successes, failures, and the mistakes we make indicates resilience, accountability, and willingness to accept responsibility. How we behave when we don't win the game, indicates our level of sportsmanship. How we talk, react to opinions, judge people, or negotiate a deal indicates our character. 

Our children and grandchildren are watching this behavior. I would never tolerate this language, the disrespect, poor sportsmanship, or making fun of others with my children. I know my parents would not have tolerated that with me.  And yet we are watching this behavior on television... with presidential candidates?

As many of you know my mother-in-law passed, and my husband and I have been working diligently to clean out her house, see what needs to be fixed, and attempt to sell. This is not our first house deal, we have also worked with tenants, house sales, and purchases over the years. Our behavior is always the same... do the right thing, and treat people how you would like to be treated. We have never negotiated anything that would harm someone, leave them with a bad deal, and always worked for a common goal. We have walked away from a contracts if the other side was not on the same level of integrity. 

Watercolor by Tilly Goble

I had the opportunity to meet two incredible women in this process. Vince Campbell from LynnMac Commercial Sales Broker and Property Management who lived across the street. I told her I was selling for sale by owner, and that my mother was an agent too. Then she connected me to another incredible woman, Tilly Goble, Nassance Photography, who was renting down the street with her husband and small son, and had been looking for years for their first home. But due to bidding wars and cash offers they always one step behind.

The Compassion of the Deal
Begins with Character

We were all on opposite sides of the street with the "numbers" for this sale. But because of who we were, we were all playing in the same yard for the goal: I wanted to sell, Tilly wanted a home, and Vinece wanted to help us both make this goal a reality. The complications were many... but we made it happen. Tilly painted the watercolor above and wrote a beautiful letter that accompanied the offer. She had also made us a wonderful video with photos of the home, that brought tears to our eyes.

I had to write about this because of all that is happening in the world, with the election, and with unethical behavior of people scatter about, I'm here to say there are good people and we must always set the positive example. During this process I came across a video that Tilly had made.  She reminds us about the importance of Grace and Honor to All Women.

Imagine if we had
Grace and Honor to All!

Enjoy the Journey!!
XOX Karlene

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