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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Live Radio Show and Podcasting

With SimpleFlight.Net

 Last Sunday we all had a blast at Aviation Universe came into creation when "Al Waterloo's aviation A.D.D. got the best of him" and launched in Spring of 2012. Marc flew in shortly thereafter, and this team cannot be beat.  SimpleFlightNet is a place to get exactly what you want out of aviation~ Fun! Laughter! And lots of Aviation! My face hurt the next day from smiling for two hours!

A fun online community is building behind the and the SimpleFlight Aviation Radio Show and last Sunday, after the pizza, we had a great live show at Aviation Universe. The audience was awesome and Al and Marc hysterical.

Why Listen to SimpleFlight Aviation Radio!? 

"For the same reason you'd want to watch NASCAR, for the crashes! Okay, just kidding but the show is live and people have a GREAT time interacting with us while we are live!

Our guests are fantastic too. You'll quickly realize that aviation has a great future because every single one of guests are doing amazing things in aviation. Its important to connect you with our guests. Aviation is an awesome industry and its becoming, well, more awesome!"

SimpleFlight Aviation Radio has connected listeners with guests and other #Avgeeks. Together they have gotten aviation related jobs, addressed aviation safety concerns, started companies, and our their favorite mission.... to help each other achieve their aviation dreams!

The best way to reach out to SimpleFlight.Net 
while on the air is:

1) Tweet Us @SimpleFlightNet
2) Post on our Facebook Page
3) Text a video or voice recorded question to us at 708.224.5021
4) Send an email to

Are you ready for some fun?

Listen to my live interview from May 18th!

Learn what went on behind the scenes with my novels
How I got started flying
My plans for the future
And why I'm so passionate about Aviation 
And a little bit more...

Click HERE
if you can handle the excitement!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


  1. Wow, it looks like a great turnout, and great time was had by all! Definitely looking forward to hearing the podcast!

    1. Eric, Thank you so much. I wish you could have been there. Next time for sure.

  2. I thought it was a really great show as well. I had one question however I wanted to pose and that was what everybody's thoughts were on the airlines are now moving to wireless access in both the cabin and flight deck, and even though tablets already exist on the deck, what about now giving them access to the internet/mail etc during medium to long haul flights.

    1. Hi Mathew, Thank you for the comment on the show. Not all flights have tablets yet. But we are working that way... my plane is one of the last. They are also working on Wifi for international flights, too. For passengers. Can the flight crews use it? I'm not sure on company procedures or FAA requirements on doing email while on long haul flights.

      I'm fairly certain they will say no. But, I intend on turning that decision, if made, around to allowing this.

      I think this would be a great tool to minimize fatigue. Studies show that one of the things to avoid prior to sleeping is working on your computer an hour prior to sleep. If working on your computer prevents sleeping, then it would be great to do enroute. And, if pilots could spend the six hours over the ocean in the middle of the night catching up on emails, staying awake, keeping their mind engaged without caffeine, then they could use the extra time on the ground to get some really good sleep.
      This is actually a post I'll bring up soon. Thanks for the great question.


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