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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Burbank Bound!

Compliments of Alaska Airlines! 


The Mission ~Viewing:

The day will begin with a viewing of Planes Fire and Rescue, and the adventure will continue. Tomorrow I will have the great honor of meeting the fabulous people behind the movie and learn about their process.
The Filmmakers: Bobs Gannaway (director) & Ferrell Barron (producer)

We will sit down for a Q&A with the director and producer of PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE to find out what it took to create this film about those who fly in when others fly out.

The Art of Story with Art Hernandez (head of story) & Lawrence Gong (story artist)

Visual storytelling starts with a storyboard. Discover the importance of the story process with the PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE head of story – and get a personal drawing lesson from a Disney story artist!

Do Your Research! with Paul Gerard (director, creative development) & Jeff Howard (co-writer)

The PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE filmmaking team had to get up-close and personal with real aerial firefighters, smoke jumpers, stunt pilots, air traffic controllers, and even went inside planes and helicopters to make the world of Piston Peak a believable world. This is how they did it.
Break-Out Sessions

The Visual Effects of Planes: Fire & Rescue with Doug Little (cg supervisor) & John Patton (fx animation lead) Get an inside look at the visual effects featured in PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE, which contains more visual effects – fire, smoke, water, and atmospheric embers – than any other Disney animated film.

Giving PLANES a Personality with Ethan Hurd (animation supervisor)

Each and every one of the planes, trains and automobiles in PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE have a unique personality – a set of traits both mental and physical – that makes them who they are. The animation supervisor’s job is to make them as distinctive as possible; find out how the team at Disneytoon Studios used unique resources to get it done.

Choreographing the Aerial Ballet with Jason McKinley (flight supervisor) & Dustin Mackay (layout/previs artist) “Truth in materials,” a mantra that speaks directly to the authenticity of Disneytoon Studios films, isn’t just for environment and characters – creating realistic flight with the various aircraft in PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE who maneuver expertly to extinguish wildfires from the sky is a science of its own.
 Join me Friday ... 
to learn how the day went!
Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


  1. Kids will just love this.Hook 'em young and you've got them for life!

    1. Thanks John! That's the plan. And the movie was awesome!!


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