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Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Pajama Party!

The age of the new grandma! 
My eldest granddaughter, while only six, is tall for her age. She said, "I wish they had footy pajamas in my size." I said, "Of course they do. Come meet my good friend Google."

We had google lessons and located the Big Feet Pajama Company!

I accidentally ordered the wrong sizes. When I sent them in for an exchange, I noticed they were a local company... and figured a family operated company. I was right. Located in Gig Harbor Washington, they manufacture and sell footed pajamas retail and wholesale worldwide in over 50 colors, prints, styles & fabrics. 

We're waiting for the airplane print... coming soon.

So we decided to do a little fashion show on their behalf. Why? They were so awesome to work with and had no problem with the exchange. And they are a family owned company. I love that.

Their adult pajamas are available with or without the drop seat (bum flap, back door, butt flap:) You'll have to guess to that on mine. Kid's sizing starts at 12 months and adult sizing extends to XL accommodating adults to approximately 6-4 & 240lbs

These pjs have appeared with many celebrities and on many TV shows over the years and as recently as Saturday Night Live earlier last month~ And today they are on Flight To Success!

 And Today I'm headed to Chicago for the 
AVGEEK event of the year
At Aviation Universe. 

I hope to see you there!  
(PJs optional)
Enjoy the Journey! 
It's all good!
XO Karlene 


  1. Looks like you're having a great time with the kids! Hope you had an awesome week and mother's day!


    1. Thanks Swayne! More fun will be happening in Chicago too! Not too far from you. You and a friend should do a cross-country and join us!

  2. This party looks very enjoyable.


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