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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Painting is Flying...

My First Oil Painting is complete and on its way to the finish line of the Air Race Classic! The story behind by painting can be found HERE, and is quite humorous.  All I can say is life is so much better if we can learn to laugh at ourselves.

Flight To Success

Painting this was the first challenge, getting the painting in one piece and on time is the second.  I built a box with a little creativity and ingenuity and help from one of my favorite stores: Home Depot. Paint sticks, extra frame scraps, cardboard and bubble wrap. All I can say is it should arrive in one piece and with Priority Mail... by Friday.

Now all we can hope is that someone bids on it. Today is going to be an editing day. I have a deadline for Flight For Safety! Coming soon... to a bookstore near you. :) Or Amazon.

When creativity speaks, how do you answer?

Enjoy the journey. 
XO Karlene


  1. Hi, Karlene!

    I like the painting very much. Did you tell us its name (if you did, I missed it)?

    Did you know that your fellow Northwesterner, the great Ernie Gann, was quite a talented artist? His paintings commanded substantial prices during his life, not sure where they are in value these days.

    But now we have two data points (you and Ernie) to show that the air up in the Puget Sound area blends with aviation in the blood to produce artistic talent.

    Congratulations on completion of the work!


    1. Frank, Thank you so much. All I can say is it's my first and I still need to take lessons. But it was much fun! Up there with Ernie Gann.... I am honored. Maybe it's something in the rain!

      Thank you so much for the wonderful comment!! Made my day.

    2. And.... I'm thinking Flight To Success is the best name for the first!

  2. Wait a minute. You fly all over the world. You raised a family. You stay in touch with grandkids. You maintain a home and marriage. You write books and frequent blogs. And you paint, too? Maybe you've sung on the Grand Ol' Opry, too. Anything you don't do?

    1. Haha. I can build cardboard boxes. lol. Seriously... thank you for the nice comment. I'm thinking anyone can paint... you just have to do it. And the "good" part is all in the eyes of the beholder anyway. Thank you so much!


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