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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Road Trip Continues....Birthdays...

The adventures never end. And today the car behaved. No Service lights. She shifted down gears for the hills. And...nobody has had as much fun watching their mileage flip over to 200000.0 as I did! I even looked for a theme song... rapidly flipping channels we found one, but I didn't know the name. Something Crazy.

We Broke 200000 and She did NOT Break!

The question of the day.... What bumper stickers? Well... here you go. The funny story is that when my friend Kathy Obrien, Alias NWA 747 second officer retired, had turned 50, someone made her "Kathy is 50" bumper stickers. The mailman was giving them out in Lahaina. And I grabbed a few. Not only did my car have one, but I proceeded to stick them all over the world. And send her photos. 

10 years later, I had picked Kathy up at that airport and gave her ride downtown. We visited for awhile, I hugged her good bye and she went on her trip and I returned home. About two months later I was in my front yard, and my neighbor yelled, "Karlene, when did you turn 50?"

I said, "A few months ago why?"
She said, "Nice sticker."

At that time I walked around my car and looked at the bumper. I laughed so hard. She got me good. This by far was my best 50th birthday surprise ever. And our friend Robin was in on the caper. They pulled it off and kept it quiet.

Does anyone know what this other sticker means? 
Yes...Kathy stuck this too.

 What is your funniest birthday surprise?  
Speaking of which Capn Aux is turning 51 today. 
 Wish him a Happy Birthday!

And this is why were are in Disneyland!

Celebrating Kadence's 5th Birthday!
It happened in April, but good things take time to plan.

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene



    I started my birthday extravaganza at midnight last night, when my blog peeps posted a SURPRISE video they made for me...OMG, girl, TEARS!!!

    Here's the link:

    Love the bumper sticker story! Gonna save that idea for an unsuspecting sucker, lol!

    1. OH... looking forward to your video. But... not until next week. I'm glad you are having a great Birthday!

  2. PS: Guessing "Tuff Sh*t"...

    And HAPPY 5, KADENCE!!!!! :D


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