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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Become History

"You haven't seen a tree until 
you've seen its shadow from the sky."  

 Amelia Earhart

Anne Simpson, Museum of Flight Trustee, commercial airline pilot, and all around great lady is working her wings to the bone trying to get a Lockheed Electra, just like the one Amelia flew, to Seattle's Museum of Flight

She needs your help. The plane is in Reno, and the cost of restoration and flying it to Seattle is a whopping $1.2 Million! But due to a ton of behind the scenes work, and a great group of gracious people who have donated, they have raised over $800,000! 

Why has she taken this to heart?  Click HERE to meet Anne Simpson... our local find out. Then come back and become part of history by donating to the cause. Imagine the feeling of telling your friends and family....

"I helped make history!"

Anyone who buys an autographed hardback of Flight For Control, or Flight For Safety (coming soon) and say's "this is for the Amelia project, I will donate $5 per book. "

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


  1. Such an amazing project! Hope this will be realized in the near future. The Museum of Flight is definitely worth a visit though. I had so much fun there Sunday.

    1. Thank you Cecilie. Wait until you see what she did!

  2. That's quite the restoration cost! But what a fantastic cause. I wish Anne the very best of luck and hope she is able to raise more than enough!

    1. Thanks Heather. She did a great job for sure.


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