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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Celebrating Winners!

So much to celebrate... and so little time. Today I'm announcing all our winners! And there are many... BLOG HOP! Drawing from the Aviation Fair! KEY Chains! 


Congratulations: Gordon Doherty! You've won a copy of Flight For Safety! Now we just need to get it into print! The pressure is on... but coming soon!



The First 7 purchases in December for Flight For Control won a NWA key chain! Well, I had a wonderful person tell me if he won he wanted me to gift it to someone else. I contacted the other six winners and they all said they would love to gift theirs too. I was waiting until Women of Aviation to give the key chains to the recipients.

Some very special aviator ladies who received a key chain. 


They are either inspiring, supporting, working towards a career, taking lessons, taking on challenges in their current jobs. You name it... these ladies have what it takes.

3.    BLOG HOP and Darby Falls in Love
Congratulations Gabrielle Coutrot!  

Now... all you have to do is tell me which book do you want?  Flight For Safety, or Flight For Control.

The winners of the Grand Prize draws have already been announced.

1st Place: Kindle Fire

Entry #4 – Karl

2nd Place: $50 Amazon gift certificate

Entry #187 – Chum B.


For everyone who left a comment on Women Fly you won a book! All I need is where to send it.
Email me your address to

Congratulations winners!


  1. Sadly I didn't manage to leave comment on woman post T_T
    so no books for me.
    By the way.. I love seeing all the smiles from those ladies including you !! :D

  2. Congratulations, winners! There are some very familiar faces up there! And I love the JetStar Publishing photo! Hoping everyone is enjoying the weekend :)

  3. Aren't I kicking myself for not commenting too!! Oh well - congrats to the winners!


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