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Monday, March 25, 2013

Angel Flight Events

"Angels Really do Have Wings... 
They're called Pilots."

Angel Flights West is returning the GIFT to all those pilots who give, and to those pilots who want to learn more about their profession and stay connected to the breath of their industry. The Museum of Flight in Seattle is hosting this great opportunity and we hope you can all make it.  
Presentations for Pilots 
Hosted by Angel Flight West 

For over 30 years Angel Flight West has saved and improved the lives of thousands of people by arranging air transportation donated by volunteer pilots and commercial airlines partners in the 13 western states. 

Now they are hosting presentations for pilots at the Museum of Flight in Seattle. There is no admission charge to the museum or to the event. Light refreshments will be served. Free entrance and free beverages and interesting topics? What pilot wouldn't want to attend?

An RSVP is appreciated to:

Guest speakers will join the event several times a year, along with updates and information of interest to Angel Flight West Command Pilots, and pilots interested in learning more about becoming a volunteer pilot. Many of you noticed how many of our volunteer pilots flew our Women Fly event were Angel Flight pilots.

April 3, 5-7 pm in South View Room, 2nd Floor of Museum of Flight

Introduction by Alan Dias, AFW (Angel Flight West) Executive Director and Bill Ayer, AFW Foundation Board Member AFW Operations Update by Josh Olson, AFW Director of Mission Operations.

Presentation: iPads In The Cockpit by Steve Podradchik, CEO of Seattle Avionics

Seattle Avionics sells aviation data for most major iPad apps and recently worked with AOPA and Bendix-King to create two all-new iPad apps: AOPA FlyQ EFB and myWingMan from Bendix-King (Honeywell). Based on this experience, this discussion goes over what iPad-based Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) do and what they don1t do, what to look for when selecting an iPad app, what the general issues are when switching from paper to an iPad, and what the future has in store for these devices.

June 13, 5-7 pm in South View Room, 2nd Floor of Museum of Flight


Presentation: Single Pilot Resource Management by Johnny Summers, FAA Designated Pilot Examiner & Alaska Airlines Pilot

Crew Resource Management (CRM) was born of the need to reduce airline accidents. In 1979 at a NASA workshop, they found the primary cause of aviation accidents was human error. Since then the techniques have been refined and incorporated into every airline training program as well as many other industries. The techniques learned through the maturation of CRM are not limited to multi-crew aircraft. Much of the training is scalable to the general aviation community. This integration is termed Single-pilot Resource Management (SRM) and is still in its infancy. We will look at the current status of SRM and then open the discussion for ideas of continued improvement and growth.


Additional dates in fall and winter 2013 to be announced

 To find all their events, please click HERE and follow the “Events” links from the front page.

3161 Donald Douglas Loop South, Santa Monica, CA 90405 –310-390-2958 or 888-426-2643 –


  1. Angel Flight West sounds like a fantastic effort. I'd never heard of it before. May the Museum of Flight get a huge attendance and participation. Thanks for sharing this info, Karlene.

  2. Thanks for the info! I'm planning on doing a post about aviation charities, so I'll def. include Angel Flight!


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