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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Women Fly! March 5-10

Women of Aviation Week March 4-10, is one week away! The Museum of Flight is celebrating from the 5-10th.

There are exciting things happening all over the world, but nothing more exciting than in my home town at the Seattle Museum of Flight. Not only will we be taking women and girls for airplane rides on Saturday and Sunday, but there is an entire week of aviation fun for everyone.

Tuesday March 5

Program 12:00 Murdock Theater

Bridget Cooley & Helen Cernik

“Adventures Across the Atlantic” The story of Bridget & Helen’s flight from Seattle WA to Edinburgh, Scotland in a single engine Bonanza

Wednesday March 6
Program 12:00 Personal Courage Wing. History of the WASP Program

Join Deb Jennings, one of the individuals who assisted in developing our WASP display, for an informative walk through the exhibit. Learn more about the WASP program and the women who have shared their priceless mementos with the museum.

Thursday March 7th

Army CH-47 with crew in lot (tentatively)

Meet and greet pilots throughout the day

Free Thursday 5:00-9:00

Women of Aviation! 
Aerospace Community Resource Fair (Great Gallery)
Representatives from local schools, aviation groups, and military recruiters will be on hand  

Friday March 8th

Education Programming 8:30-1:30 (Panelists Ashley Stroupe, Kavya Manyapu, Karlene Petitt)

Resource Fair (Side Gallery)

Army CH-47 with crew in lot (We Hope!)

Meet and greet pilots throughout the day

6:00 Women Fly Reception (CSSG)

Saturday March 9th

Fly it Forward 9:00-3:00 Women and girls take flight (and Sunday too.) Details below.

Public Programs:

11:00 Bessie Coleman Story with Beverly Armstrong

2:00 Space Panel (Ashley Stroupe, Sunni Williams, Kavya Manyapu)

1:00 Member Reception in Weyerhauser Room

Sunday March 10th 
Flight Attendant’s Day

Flight Attendant's, past and present, we would love for you to wear your uniform. But either way, show us your ID and you are in for FREE.

Fly it Forward 9:00-3:00 Women and girls take flight

10:00-2:00 Hospitality Room, in the View Lounge, for coffee and tea and to visit. 

2:00 Public Program—Flight Attendant Panel

3:30 “Flights of Fancy” Concert


Ever since the first human gazed upward to birds soaring aloft has flight spurred the imagination. Eric Whitacre’s "Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine" brilliantly depicts the Renaissance thinker’s visionary struggles. Those inspirational birds appear in Stanford’s "The Blue Bird". 
The humorous buzzing of mosquitoes is rendered into music by Vancouver composer Stephen Chatman. Cascadian Chorale's Composer-in-Residence Greg Bartholomew provides music for "Three Gnostic Poems" by his father, a pilot in World War II. We are also excited to present a new work by Joy Porter, who trained as a pilot and who now sings in our alto section. A motet by the Renaissance Spaniard Tom├ís Luis de Victoria and a spiritual arranged by William L.  Dawson round out the program.

Gary D. Cannon, Artistic Director

Founded in 1964, Cascadian Chorale is a Bellevue-based, mixed-voice chamber choir dedicated to the performance and promotion of fine choral music. The Chorale’s membership comprises thirty-five of the greater Seattle area’s most skilled choral singers. Since 2008 Cascadian Chorale has been conducted by its Artistic Director, Gary D. Cannon. The Chorale regularly performs some of the most engaging and challenging works for chamber choir, ranging from Renaissance madrigals to new premieres. Cascadian Chorale performs in venues throughout the greater Seattle area, including Benaroya Hall, Town Hall, St. Mark’s Cathedral, and Meydenbauer Center. 

We hope to see you at the Museum of Flight March 5-10th!

9th and 10th... 

"Want to send your daughter, granddaughter, mother, grandmother, sister, niece, cousin, or any woman you want to experience the gift of flight on a FREE flight? 

Leave a comment and then....

Email me at
Subject line: Free Flight
Weight: Weight and balance issue
Age: Special plan for the little ones.
Time: That "won't" work for you if any. 

Today I'm off on a 6 day trip. Minneapolis. Tokyo. Guam. Tokyo. Seattle. But I will see you next weekend!

XO Karlene


  1. I am sorry but I gotz to you ever take a day off?

    I am getting tired just thinking about your schedule. Ha ha.

    1. You and me both. lol. We were having the same discussion this weekend!

  2. This is so exciting, and the flying events! I can't wait to see photos of those girls smiling after they have been up in the air :)

    Have a great trip to MSP and NRT (HND?)
    See you soon!

    1. I wish you could make it! One year you will... and fly too!

  3. Karlene, SEA to Edinburgh in a single engine now that is a trip in itself! I wish my 172 had the extended range to do that one non stop. I also need a photo in that astronaut. I love that astronaut suit.. Six days. Oscar Mike Golf. I thought for sure you were being sent back to AMS when I saw MSP. Guam sounds exciting also.

    At least you have a little variety in locations. I don't know Japanese well but I will say Bon voyage / vol ~ boa viagem!


    1. When you come to Seattle we shall get you in that astronaut suit! One day you'll fly in the event too! An amazing time will be had by all! Wish you could join us.

  4. As a young girl and then again in college I got to fly in a small, single engine plane. I would love to share that experience with my daughter

    1. Wonderful! I know your daughter will love the experience!

  5. Sounds like a great undertaking. I especially like that you give young girls a chance to fly.

    1. Yes... we aim to give the sky to everyone! So much fun! Thank you for your comment!

  6. You've achieved success in so many areas - but it's no surprise: you have wasted no time, no opportunity. One of the most long-lasting results of your efforts will be the impact you've had on women of all ages: the best success!
    You also have fun in all that you do - and enjoy the huge reward.
    Thanks for sharing it with us!

    1. Ella, Thank you so much for a beautiful comment. I am really looking forward to meeting you on Friday. And thank you for sharing your time with the girls and all you do!!

  7. Can't wait to see you next week in Nashville for ISA+21 booth at WAI. Should be a lot of fun, a great conference for everyone. Great event for women. Just wish we'd had this type of opportunity when I was starting out many moons ago.

    Denise :)

    1. YES!!! Me too. I wish you did too. And me. Life is changing for sure. See you in WAI!!!


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