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Monday, February 25, 2013

Learning: Monday Motivation

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow.
Learn as if you were to live forever.”
Mahatma Gandhi

The Love of Learning Leads to Success.

Whether you are learning to fly a plane, investing in the stock market, earning a new type rating, switching from a Boeing to an Airbus, transitioning from a PC to a Mac, or writing a novel... Success comes from the ability to learn. And the greatest asset to learning as an adult is being teachable.

Successful people know better than to accept everything someone tells them as truth. They also know that much of what is taught is opinion. But successful people open their minds, and know that in every situation there is something they can learn. They park their ego outside the hangar and identify truth from opinion, and fact from fiction. They take what works, and leave the rest behind.



The love of learning opens the door to brilliance.

Experience is something Pilots gain by making mistakes.

Focused on learning, successful people shift their mind from one of fear from making mistakes, to one of confidence in doing the best they can. When a mistake is made, they are not incapacitated... they deal with it. They know that mistakes are nothing but learning moments. 

Threat and Error Management identifies that mistakes will happen. Every person has the capacity to make mistakes. The goal is to not allow those mistakes to compound into unrecoverable errors. Pilots mitigate catastrophes by keeping their eyes open, accepting responsibility, and knowing they are not exempt from learning.

Successful people do not deny they will make a mistake. Nor are they fearful of making them. They embrace errors for the gift of education that follows.

Pilots are perfectionists by nature, striving to do everything right. But if a pilot makes an error and shifts her focus to the fact she failed, verses the power of the education on what she had just learned, performance degrades. The lesson is lost.

Pilots retain all lessons learned until their last flight... and beyond.


Successful people embrace their failures and use them for learning moments.

Every person you meet has something to teach you.  Sometimes the lesson may be nothing more than what not to do.

Pilots know that they do not hold all the answers. Every person they meet, experience they live through, and opportunity that presents itself is a learning moment, awaiting to be embraced.      

Successful people focus on what they can learn during times of failure. They shift their mindset from a fear of making a mistake, to one of confidence of doing their best and being aware if they do make an error, they can recover and learn. They listen and question, and accelerate their learning through the experiences of others. They never make the same mistake twice.

Embrace Learning as if Your Life Depended Upon it
It just Might. 

Enjoy the Journey, And may your life be filled with many learning moments. 
XO Karlene 


  1. You always remind me how much I love to learn, Karlene, and you are the perfect example of success in all areas where you are interested in learning and applying and growing. I wish we could get paid for learning! Oh, wait, we kinda do :)

    1. I love to learn too. And if we could get paid... that would be awesome. Now there is a thought. What if all government assistance recipients had to learn for their money. Would that improve the world? Thanks for your comment!

  2. Never stop learning and most of all... LOVE THE PHOTOS! We still need to go down to Evergreen at JFK.. Their flaps are always down when I pass the terminal. Still remembering when I called out "Evergreen 747" in the car to everyone ;)

    1. Lol... Those are the good old days for sure. I huge part of history. You are someone who never quits... and is always learning. You my friend will go far. Sometimes life just tests us a bit. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Nice blog post, Karlene. A person who stops learning is nothing better than a dead. Always remember, never give up on anything. Life is full of beauty and opportunity, wake up, go and get what's yours.

    Mark Duin
    Motivational Speaker

    1. Thank you Mark! This is kind of the motto of a pilot. We never stop flying the plane. Thanks for your comment!

  4. There are always advantage and benefit to everything, including failures. And yes, I agree that failures are there to help us improve and become better.

    Mary, finding purpose in life

    1. Thank you Mary! Yes... there is a purpose for failures. They are our learning moments. Thanks for your comment!

  5. I must focus on what I can do during times of my failure. It motivates me to face problems of my thesis that up till now seems never ending.

    Thank you

    1. Komarudin, yes... keep focused on what you can do. We all will have disappointments and failures... but if we can learn from them, then they were not failures at all... but learning moments.
      Thanks for your comment.

  6. Mistake and failure are part of life. What does not kill us make us stronger. Cheers.


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