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Friday, April 13, 2012

Marc Medley

Friday's Fabulous Flyer
What kind of person has all this many airline apps on their phone and iPad—Live ATC, Plane Finder, Flight Track, Flight Update, Flight Board, PF AR, FlightView, Airport Codes and Airport Data?

Marc Medley

Note from Mark: “PF AR—absolutely awesome app - it identifies planes in the sky and gives flight numbers, destination, etc.”

After fifteen years with AT&T in consumer marketing, Marc shifted careers and became the principal to 500 students, K-5 elementary students in the school district of Paterson, New Jersey. 

He’s also served as an adjunct professor at the Madison campus of Fairleigh Dickinson University, and Passaic County Community College where he taught communications courses such as public speaking and business writing.

Marc earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration, a Masters in Corporate and Organizational Communications, and a Masters in Educational Leadership (M.Ed).

Marc is currently a member of St. Luke Baptist Church Ministry. He served for many years as the church school superintendent and was a former member of its music ministry. He also served as the New Jersey State Vice-President for his fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha and if that wasn’t enough, Marc served in the New Jersey Air National Guard for nine years as a jet engine mechanic for the 108th refueling wing, and among his many awards he received the New Jersey Air National Guard Outstanding Soldier of the Year award.

I could go on with the awards, as they are many, but we’ll link you to his website at the end for your reading enjoyment.

Karlene: Marc, you are a man of many talents with so much passion in a wide variety of areas. How did you get interested in aviation?

Marc: I have loved airplanes since I was a child. I am fascinated by them. I can remember my mother and father taking me to Newark Airport as a kid and standing outside on the deck to watch the planes take-off and land—that was in the late 60's and early 70's before everything had to be enclosed for safety purposes and way before 9/11.

Karlene: You love aviation, but your career flew a different direction. Despite all you've accomplished, you've continued to carve out part of your world working and playing in aviation. How did you do that?

Marc: Yes. I spent 9 years as a jet engine mechanic with the New Jersey Air National Guard and it was an incredible experience. I have flown a real Cessna out of Teterboro Airport on an introductory training flight and I fly on my Microsoft Flight Simulator X frequently.

Karlene: Ah yes, the simulator. The fun part I call playing, but I think you do more than play. We know that commercial pilots do all their training in a simulator, but how close to flying is this experience for you?

Marc: When I go into simulation mode, I go all of the way. I listen to Live ATC, track flights on my various flight tracker apps, put on my Air Force One Presidential Crew cap and headsets and take off. Since the simulator flies in real time, I usually choose short flights such as from Sangster International in Montego Bay, Jamaica to Norman Manley International in Kingston and I even run a quicker route from McGuire Air Force Base to JFK in New York. 
Karlene: What a fabulous experience, and an excellent way to keep that love of aviation alive. I actually need you to come to Seattle so we can set up my simulator. So tell me, what is your favorite part of simulator flying?

Marc: I love the challenge of landing especially in Flight Simulator X where the altitude and altimeter readings are not audibly called out. All it says is "Don't sink, pull up." "Don't sink, pull up," compared with hearing 2000.........1500....1000, etc. etc. I really have to feel the landing and have the right descent rate and speed. It's fun though and a great feeling of exhilaration when I actually hear the wheels hit the runway. The long and short is, flight has always fascinated me and I've had some wonderful vicarious experiences. Maybe one day I really will go ahead and get my pilots license. (smile).

Karlene: When we were talking last month, you mentioned something that brought a smile to my face—actually you said many things—but one was about how you felt when you saw pilots. Do you remember what you said?

Marc: When I see the pilots in the airport walking through in their uniforms with their flight bags behind them, they just look so cool, not to mention when I was working with the fighter pilots in the Air Force. It's just something about being in command of that much equipment and that many human lives. I know the science of flying and it still fascinates me. Thanks for the opportunity to fly vicariously through you and your work. Thanks for what you do.

Karlene: Thank you for all you do. Which reminds me of your presence on the radio. You are also a radio talk show host/DJ. How did that come about?

Marc: That's a story within itself. I was the campaign manager for a friend who was running for school board in 2001 and one of our campaign stops was the station I am currently on. The Cliff Notes version is the station manager at the time liked what he heard from me when talking and created a show for me. He said he had been looking to create a show about books and reading and thought I would be perfect for it since I was a language arts teacher and was very articulate. Little did he know that reading is my number one passion on equaled by flight. That's the real short version but as they say, the rest is history and 11 years later I am still there. :)

Karlene: Marc is the host of THE READING CIRCLE, a fantastic talk radio program designed to discuss books, authors, and other reading related topics. I had the great opportunity to speak with Marc for an hour about Flight For Control. Quite honestly it wouldn’t have mattered what I said, because Marc’s review was overwhelming all by itself. If you could say anything here about Flight For Control, what would that be?

Marc: If I could say anything about Flight Control, first of course would be "Read It!" It is truly an aviation fiction thriller that strangely enough is becoming reality. It has become stranger than fiction (LOL). It is a read that keeps you up in the air. No pun intended.

Marc collects jets. This is his latest acquisition for $1.91 at a flea mart.

Marc’s show can be heard on Saturday mornings from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. on WP88.7 FM and around the world through the webcast on
I’m looking forward to joining him again. 

Oh... how could I forget! Believe it or not, Marc also writes music. My CD is on its way. If you want a taste of this talented and giving man's music, click JAZZ

Visit Marc via:
Marc, it's a pleasure to know you, and I'm looking forward to meeting you in person one day. East Coast or West Coast... it will happen.

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene


  1. I will definitely be checking out Marc's show. He sounds like an amazing, giving person. And he has great taste in books. ;)

    1. Thanks Heather. For us West Coasters, we have an early go for the show. But, we've got the hours to do it. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Marc, I listened to your show when you hosted Karlene. Amazing. I was glued to my computer the entire time. I'm looking forward to listen to more! :)

    1. Oh, Thank you Cecilie! I too am looking forward to more. I know what I'll be doing at 3 in the morning on Saturday. Thanks for your comment!

  3. It's humbling to know about someone like Marc who does so many things at such a high standard. What a great inspiration to plunge in and follow our dreams. Thanks for a great interview.

    1. Humbling is the word. He is definitely an inspiration. I wish I had the energy he has. And the talent. I just received his CD... nice! Thanks for the comment.

  4. Marc is an intelligent and inspirational man. His active lifestyle and contagious enthusiasm is remarkable!

  5. I would like to thank Karlene for her blog post featuring me as a Friday Fabulous Flyer. Karlene and I have developed a wonderful relationship via social media. She is the embodiment of two of my passions which is reading and flying. She appeared on my show The Reading Circle with Marc Medley and we had a ball. As I know many of you are on the west coast, you can hear an archived copy of our interview on my website under the tab "Listen to an Audio Clip." There is a folder there with Karlene's name on it that is the MP3 segments of our interview. You can find that at You can also find a copy of it on my LinkedIn page under my boxnet files. My linkedin address is Marc Medley. I am thankful for being able to meet Karlene. She has a wonderful personality for all of her achievements. She is a humble spirit. I am looking forward to meeting face to face when she is assigned an east coast flight into Newark Liberty, JFK, or LaGuardia Airports. Thanks again Karlene for a great interview and blog post feature of me on your blog and to all reading this commentary, you must get her book Flight For Control; it's that good!!

    Marc Medley

    1. Marc, I cannot thank you enough for this beautiful comment. I'm sitting in Amsterdam, wee hours of the morning doing some work and read this. You are an amazing man and I so fortunate to know you. And thank you for joining the club too!

  6. Marc just joined aviationclub: Welcome aboard Marc!

    1. GREAT news!!! We will get more. One aviator at a time.


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