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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Aviation's Social Network


What is HangarChat?

Imagine hanging out at the airport chatting with the local pilots. Then expand that thought to chatting with pilots around the world. HangarChat, at, is aviations fastest growing social connection network.

Think of Facebook meets LinkedIn, but just for Aviation. allows pilots and aviation enthusiasts to connect to each other and share their passion of flight via experiences, photos and videos. The site has been designed by pilots for pilots, and is a place to enable all aviators to meet and stay in touch with people who share and understand what it feels like to be a pilot, or part of something bigger than life ... Aviation.

HangarChat is a global community powered by the passion of flight. Whether you’re a career pilot, private pilot or just fascinated by flying there is no other place to share the joys of aviation.

Launched in 2010, by Adam Miller and Nick Miles, HangarChat has grown at a tremendous rate because people who love to fly, love to talk about flying.

The Pilots behind HangarChat

Adam and Nick

Adam Miller and Nick Miles developed the idea after their flying adventures across the USA and Central America.

Adam—who flies a BO105 as his personal aircraft— thought of the idea

“As I travelled around the world I got to see a lot of different things and meet some great people, however all my photos were on my Laptop and I didn’t share them with anyone or have the ability to easily keep in touch with the really interesting people I met.”

“All pilots love to chat in the hangar and tell their stories about what they fly, where they have flown and what they have seen. All too often you meet another pilot on the ramp, talk for a while and never see them again – now you get to stay in touch, share your experiences expand your horizons.”

Nick—who has just started to learn to fly fixed wing after hours in the cockpit of Gazelles and BO105’s—wanted to talk to other students and get another point of view from other instructors. His friends on Facebook were mostly non-aviators and didn’t understand his fascination.

“I wanted an environment where I could see what aviation has to offer in a broader spectrum – my circle of pilots was very limited to begin with as I had only really flown with Adam, despite having flown coast-to-coast across the USA, however when I started to learn to fly I seemed to be in a little bubble at the airport”

HangarChat is somewhere we can keep our photos and videos, and stay in touch with the people we meet during our aviation journeys. We even have the ability to join and set up communities for our local airports. HangarChat seriously has something for every pilot.

Today I uploaded some of my photos… it was easy. I clicked on those I wanted to upload and one additional click they all uploaded at once. I found a group called Airline Pilots...for all you want to do this for a career. I also created a group called Aviation Safety… a proactive group for those interested in keeping our industry safe. That took about 30 seconds, and now I’m awaiting approval. There are currently 126 groups to choose from, and 1626 members.

Pilots, and aviation enthusiasts, from all forms of flight, from helicopters and airplanes to gliders and balloons are welcome. Non pilots... mechanics, engineers, controllers, flight schools, FBO's, etc., are welcome.

HangarChat has so much to offer whether you are a pilot, instructor, flying club, student or a business involved in aviation.

MOM, WOWA, Renton Airport ... you must join! Victoria, this a great place to post your fly it forward event. And for my friends who want to become pilots... join my group for Commercial Airline Pilots.

HangarChat launch at airventure

Join HangarChat today to connect to share your passion of flight. I did. You’ll love it!

Enjoy the Journey! And take time to share it.

XOX Karlene


  1. This social network seems pretty amazing to me!I will definitely sign up to hear precious experiences of other people,and share my experience when I start to learn how to fly!Thank you for sharing information,Karlene san!
    Have a great day!

  2. Call me a cynic, but I've seen too many "social networks" for pilots start big and fizzle out quickly. Apparently, most members can only do a few things: (1) lurk without contributing, (2) share photos of aircraft, (3) switch to troll mode and unfairly and meanly criticize the comments of others. I don't seen any value in any of that. What I'd like to see are real pilots discussing real issues in a friendly and informative way. The only way that's possible is with tight moderation of comments (to keep out the trolls) and the active participation of more than just a handful of active pilots. That said, it'll be interesting to see if HangarChat flies. (Pun intended, of course.)

  3. This sounds like the coolest idea! Love it!

  4. Wow, HangarChat sounds pretty awesome. You pilots are onto a good thing, there.

  5. Done and done!
    Add me people!!
    Looking forward to seeing some interesting photos/videos from everyone.

    - Ramiel

  6. Wow, this is so cool! Maybe some day my sons will be a part of this :D

  7. Jun, you will have lots of experiences to share. Thank you for the comment and looking forward to you joining aviation safety!

  8. Maria, Thanks for the great comment. And yes... we allow cynics to voice their opinion. I think sometimes that's the fire we need to make us prove them wrong.

    I believe that this will work if the people make it work. Adam set up a great site, and his dream is one that conceptually should work. Now...we just have to take advantage of it. I like what I'm seeing. Give it a try. Find a group or two to join...and share with us your thoughts.

    I just posted a discussion on Aviation Safety. We'll see how this takes off. Thanks for your comment!

  9. Thank you Linda and Heather. I think this is very cool. Might be a good example for a writers site too. Imagine different groups for writers.

  10. Julie, that would be great if your sons were part of this! If and when they go that way... let me know. We'll point them in the right direction.


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