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Friday, December 16, 2011

Adam Miller: Friday Fabulous Flyer

Yesterday we visited HangarChat—aviation's fastest growing social/connection network, and today we get to know a little more about the man behind the vision.

At forty years old, Adam Miller has been flying for only twelve years, but you’d never know it by his great accomplishments. He’s a commercial helicopter pilot who’s typed rated in the Astar, Jetranger, Hughes 500, Gazelle, and B0105.

Adam learned to fly in the Uk in Bristol and says he was, “luckily, mentored by some of the UK’s most acclaimed military and commercial pilots and operations.”

Click HERE to read more about Adam’s Eurocopter BO105: History of the Helicopter.

He started flying in 1999 after a friend of his was given a flight lesson (in an airplane) for Christmas, and it reignited something in Adam that he’d wanted to do for a long time.

Dad’s Hughes 500-G

Adam’s father was a private helicopter pilot and Adam tells me, “I can remember standing on the lawn waiting for him to come in and land and hearing the thump of the rotor blades.”

He’d always wanted to fly, but it took him another twenty years to take a trial helicopter lesson and then he was hooked. He started flying in the Robinsons and then moved onto the JetRanger, Hughes 500, Gazelle and Astar.


“The Astar was the first helicopter I spent a lot of time in and flew it for about 3 years flying all over the UK, Ireland, USA and Bahamas.”

“Flying in Ireland was so much fun as the airspace is so quiet—if the weather was good then the scenery was amazing with green fields for miles upon miles, peat bogs and mountains—all wrapped up with the smell of roaring fires in the winter as you flew nearby to villages.”

Adam then shifted to flying airplanes and owned a Cessna 340 for a few years before he moved back to the Gazelle. Once back in the Gazelle, he took a trip down to Central America for about a year. What a dream life.

Island Landing

"Flying in Panama was an excellent opportunity where again the airspace was so quiet, however flying over the Rain Forest one moment and then landing on the deserted island just big enough to put your skids on is amazing.”

After Panama, Adam started flying the BO105, which was his first twin helicopter.

“I must say I love every second of flying it. It’s built like a truck and is so responsive with a lot of luggage room—great for carrying people who like to bring lots of bags. I had taken lots of pictures of all of these great and have started to put them on HangarChat.”

Click HERE to read more about Adam’s Eurocopter BO105: History of the

“Flying is my passion and sharing that passion with others is immensely pleasurable.”

“As I traveled and flew around the world I got to see a lot of different things and meet some great people, however all my photos were on my Laptop and I didn’t share them with anyone or have the ability to easily keep in touch with the really interesting people I met or wanted to meet in aviation.”

Adam and Chuck Aaron with HangarChat BO105

“I felt like I was part of a community; however there was no structure to enable me to interact and connect on an ongoing basis.”

“All too often you meet someone on the ramp, talk for a while and never see them again – now you get to stay in touch, share your experiences expand your horizons.”

Adam, thank you for bringing HangarChat to the aviation community. I know you’ve got something great going here…keep up the great work!

Happy Holidays!

XOX Karlene

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