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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Emalyn Hall: Why I Want to Fly

When Emalyn is not riding her horse, or hanging out at the Arlington Airport taking flights, she's busy making people smile. Emalyn is officially our youngest "Why I want to Fly" essay contestant. Oh wait... she wrote a poem. And what an incredible poem it is!

When I fly my spirits soar
Then I ask, may I fly some more
Flying is what I love
It makes me feel so free like a dove
Seeing the world from high above
If I could fly, whenever
Would I be on the ground, never!
Emalyn Hall
Emalyn and Teri Carpenter. Thank you Teri!

Emalyn and Brother Ethan

Enjoy the Journey!
~ Karlene

P.S. One more little pilot is still working his way down the runway. Taking flight soon.


  1. What a lovely poem Emalyn! And of course I loved the picture with her horse, being the horsewoman that I am. ;) Best of luck to Emalyn with all her dreams!

    1. It is beautiful. Thanks for your comment Heather!

  2. Horses and airplanes sounds like a girl's perfect life to me. Wonderful poem, Emalyn!

    (Can't wait to hear about that new little pilot's flight, Karlene.)

    1. This is Emalyn I am so blessed to have won this honerable mention! i have won 3 or 4 contests since. i have been published 3 times since then.
      Thank you for the support!!!

    2. Congratulations! You just keep winning those contests. And keep smiling. The sky is not the limit.

    3. Thank you Linda! She is a very talented lady and she will fly strong!

  3. This is so old... I can't believe I wrote this.... It's highly.. interesting.... I would go back and change that if i could...

    1. Lol... Emalyn, You can change it!!! Actually... if you write me a new one with new pictures I can post... we can remove this. :)


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