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Friday, May 4, 2018

My Birthday Wish for Today!

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I have been working on my PhD and thousands of pilots have been supporting that effort. Despite my professors not believing I could get more than 300-350 surveys,  today we have 6834! I'm about to analyze the data, write my dissertation, and then I will share results with everyone. However, you might be wondering how my PhD applies to this novel.  

Well, one of my characters in Flight For Sanity, FAA Inspector Kathryn Jacobs, is attempting to conduct the exact same research for the FAA as I am conducting for my doctoral research. Unfortunately, in the novel, this activity may cost Kathryn her job and possibly her life, as there are some who don't want the answers revealed. 

What you should also know is that our favorite pilot, Darby Bradshaw, has internally reported safety issues to her company regarding training, FAA violations, and lack of safety culture. As best friends, she and Kathryn discussed the issues, which inspired Kathryn's research. Unfortunately Darby's reporting resulted in retaliation of the worst possible kind and left her hanging by a noose.

The novel get's scarier as research shows that Airlines are actually retaliating in a similar manner, to remove pilots, as they did to Darby. Which proves one thing: We have a long way to go for a positive safety culture. Truth is scarier than fiction. 

Training issues, retaliation for reporting, replacing pilots with automation, lack of safety culture, and conspiracy with a union, the FAA, and management are all wrapped into this novel. Sex and murder included as the fiction. A few government and political issues are thrown in as well. The conspiracy goes deeper than the reader would believe.

However, I have to say... I wrote this novel before we had the current president. I just found it an interesting thought ... 

What if a businessman ran for office with personal and financial motivations versus a global interest. Especially since the President appoints the Secretary of Transportation, and airlines are trying to replace pilots with automation, and privatize ATC. What a plot point that was, especially when it came true. 

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ETA: February 2019

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XO Karlene 


  1. Happy Birthday, Captain!!!

    6834... Good nickname. :)

    Have you approached any WGA W agents,

    1. Thank you my friend! Okay... we now are up to 6868! I'm hoping I can break 7000 by Monday. I have not approached any agents yet. I need an agent to find me an agent.

    2. I'm surprised an agent did not approach you, when your 1st book got recognized in that writing contest!
      "an agent to find me an agent" -- you're already an established novelist. Maybe an agent who represents novelists can recommend you to an LA based, agent for script writers?

    3. A few agents did approach me. But... not Hollywood. We'll get there, just need time to do it! All good things to come!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Captain!!!

    6834... Good nickname. :)

    Have you approached any WGA W agents,

  3. Hi... its Mima here.

    You are super duper amazing... Seriously. All the best

    1. Mima, thank you so much!!! You are super amazing and I hope everything in your life is going well. Hugs to you my friend!!

  4. I must have missed this, but happy belated to you! Hope all is well!


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