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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Lake House Project

The first project was the dock...

And then it was built!

Next the Lake Weeds needed to go...
(Amazing what you can do with a pick)

Now I'm digging up the lawn at the shoreline

 I'm making a lakeside sandbox for the kids...

Sand Coming Soon! 

Not only did I dig up 100 square feet of sod, I moved it to fill a couple holes in the yard.  Time will tell if it grows.

My house is the little one in the middle...

And this is what we dug up today...

Then at the End of the Day...

The Sunsets are Amazing...

More photos coming 
as the project continues! 

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


  1. That reminds me of the cottage we had in Northern Wisconsin when I was a kid. That was one of the hardest things to say goodbye to when we moved west. Lots of wonderful memories teaching worms to swim on the lake in our old rowboat.

    1. Building good memories... I will be teaching some worms to swim myself.

  2. I love what you are doing to your lake house Karlene!
    It looks lovely and must have awesome views, it will be a lovely spot to relax and Enjoy summer.
    Take care of your back, I know how it can hurt since I am digging out rocks and replacing them.

    1. An, Thank you! I wish I could be there helping you. I think putting in full days (12 hours) might be too much. But as of tomorrow I am down for two weeks of doing nothing. So... time to heal!

  3. Looks like a nice house! Hope the training is going well!

    1. Hey Randy, training went great! And the house is just a little speck in the world that lots of love and work are going into it!


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