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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Airliner Down!

The Plot Thickens... 

John Etzil  is an incredible author. My goal was to read his aviation novel, Airliner Down, while in training on the B777. I did just that. If I hadn't been in training, or finishing at the oh-God early hours of the morning, I would have read it nonstop. But there was training to be done, so a chapter a night it was. 

Reading a novel while training? But of course! I learned the power of sleep during studying, as that's the time we store our memories. Therefore if you are a pilot (or student) who stays awake all night studying, and then get unrestful sleep because you are thinking about training you are not moving your memories into the storage facility. 

Try this tip: 

After a long day of studying, prior to going to bed, read something that is unrelated to your training to give your mind a break. This will enable a restful sleep, during which time you will store memories. However, the funny thing about this read, was the night I read the chapter about the rapid depressurization (spoiler alert) was the same day I actually did that in training. There were a few differences...

I'm not going to tell you those differences. You will have to read them yourself. But, it made me think about public perceptions from outside the airline world and what people think that our aircraft could actually do automatically. This is the comment that I wrote on Amazon for John's Book: Airliner Down. 

Five Stars: Action Packed!  

Airliner down was an engaging, well written, and compelling novel. Being an airline pilot I noticed some technical inaccuracies, but that didn't matter because I loved his writing style. The author is not an airline pilot, so the technicalities were overlooked. However, this is fiction and it's closer to reality than many think. Could a bomb be planted? Absolutely. Could a pilot have a relationship with a Flight Attendant? Oh yeah. I also have to wonder if he altered the reality because of the fictional aspect that made the story flow to engage the reader. He made the story fun to read and added the drama that would work well for a movie. What I liked best about his writing was his dialogue as it felt real. So many authors don't know how to write how people really talk. I also loved the humor he added throughout. From an airline pilot perspective was it far fetched in some areas? Oh yeah. But that didn't matter because it was a fun read! The rapid depressurization scene also reminded me why we should never remove pilots from the flight deck. The airplane does not have the capability to manage that situation alone, and proof proven that we need two pilots working together for the safety of the passengers. I enjoyed John's writing style so much, that I read Fatal Justice next... can hardly wait to read more in his series. 

Five Stars: Couldn't put it down!

Fatal Justice was an incredible read that made me laugh and I did not want to put the book down. I loved the characters, the plot, and let's just say that the compromising position that Jack Lambert found his girlfriend in with the other man, and her comment during the surprise was priceless. I think you have to read the book for this scene alone. Strong women and men with a sense of humor really do mix. I cannot wait to read the rest in the series! 

John, keep writing!
Thank you for the Entertainment.

But remember... don't use Flight For Justice...
I'm writing that one. 

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

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