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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Dambusters Raid

Aviation History

May 16, 1943

My friend Mark often send sends me aviation news from Europe. Today he sent the following photos and information. Remembering our history, we can all learn lessons from understanding the past. Enjoy! 

"Today marks the 75th anniversary of the dam raids upon, Mohne , Sorpe and Eider dam. The raid happened in the early hours of the 16 May with the loss of 55 men, in the three attached pictures I have chosen, is shown the height flown across to from Dutch coast through to the dam depicted, Mohne.

Across Lincolnshire at places used by 617 sqn services will be held, and weather permitting due a cold front passing north south with windy conditions, the R.A.F. Lancaster one of only two in world is to fly down LadyBower reservoir and over the Derwent dam, of which was an exact copy of the Mohne dam and used in training at time.

Tonight they will be a showing of the Dambusters film in Royal Albert hall London. Only one original member survives to this day, Sqn Ldr Jonnie Johnson, a bomb aimer who flew in the crew of Flt Lt J. Mc Carthy upon Sorpe dam.

Out soon is the film in his own words, Sqn Ldr J Johnson, of his memories of that night in his aircraft headed for and attack on Sorpe dam, the attack upon the Sorpe took 5 attempts to get approach right before bomb release.

In separate news, atitudes and respect are changing upon bomber command, in last fortnight a memorial was unveiled near Lincoln, in form of a mound with surrounding the names of the 57,000 that volunteered never to return and a centre.

Yesterday, the first moves were made upon a site at Norton Disney Lincolnshire for the erecting of a life size Lancaster 40ft in air with poppies from bomb bay, the Lancaster is to be made from steel collected from derelict former bomber bases through out Lincolnshire, many of which still in situ with buildings, control tower, hangars and partial runways.

A tide is changing, not by public, but by those in London, public have long argued that bomber command crews should be respected, not receiving any campaign medal or recognition." 

Mark Restorik 

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

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