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Thursday, November 9, 2017

You Know the Problems

"Ask yourself what do we do now?"

Listen to what Reese Witherspoon has to say about believing in yourself. She is a strong woman supporting world change by women and for women. I'm thinking Reese should be the person to produce the Flight For Series movies. What stronger women for the big screen than Darby and Kathryn? They would never ask a man, "What do we do now?" They would figure it out! 

Reese identified that women are under represented in leadership positions, and less than 5% of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are women and less than 19% of congress are women. 

Even in Aviation, less than 6% women are pilots. What about airline management positions? I don't think they can even they can hold a percentage point because the numbers are so low. I know a woman who was called grandiose and delusional because she thought she could be. The pilot unions are the worst. You can count the number of women on a hand. The contracts all state "He" will as the frame of reference for the pilot.

Strong women who face challenges in a male dominated world of aviation is exactly what we will see on the big screen! I always thought Flight For Control would be the first movie, and it just might, because Flight For Sanity, and the newest novel Flight For Justice (coming soon) are the sequels that cannot be missed. When Reese Witherspoon reads these novels and learns the truth behind the stories, she will be the woman to take this drama to the big screen. 

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  1. Karlene,

    You could do a lot worse than Reece being a part of your movie. I think the Hollywood climate is ripe for a female empowered movie where the repressive men get put into a place they have earned...jail. I'm thinking a 2020 aviation socially relevant version of 9 to 5. Except that it isn't a comedy, it is real.


    1. Rob, it would be so awesome if Reese made these movies. The characters are exactly who she wants. And yes, there are many that belong in jail.

      In context of the humor, I'm working on a children's book: Jungle Air ... Based on a True Story. "The animals have been changed to protect the guilty."

      Based on the events of the flight series. You will love this!!! Coming in December! This too will be a movie... cartoon for the kiddos.

      If we can't laugh at the reality, we would have to cry. Laughter is much better.

  2. Do you mean a cartoon for pilots?

    Way cool, great job!

    1. Yes. It's awesome! The Director of Flying is an Evil Baboon. Monkeys are pilots who are taught how to push buttons, not fly. But that's okay, because if they push the right buttons, a banana pops out of a box. The pilots are paid with bananas. There is an evil Dr. Least Weasel, and the Animal Sources lady is a Spider who will do anything the evil baboon orders them to do. One day they diversity the jungle and allow tigers to fly... but the evil baboon has other plans when those tigers want to know how to fly the plane, not just push buttons. You're going to love this book. The movie is going to be awesome!


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